On Guard

Instruction about rescues aboard the 47′ rollover

Officer Bost – channel marker uses & maintenance

Weapons used for law enforcement in the USCG

Who’s ball is it??

On Guard

Tuesday, May 6, 2003
This morning on May 6, the group went to the United States Coast Guard station in Ponce Inlet. The tour started at 9:00 a.m. with a video on how the station is now under Homeland Security instead of Department of Transportation. Matanzas to Cape Canaveral is the Coast Guard’s jurisdiction. Then we were allowed to walk on the 47 foot roll over boat. This boat can right itself if knocked over in rough water. It has the technology to turn itself upright.

Back at the station, the group was allowed to view the weaponry that is kept at the station. The guys in our group really enjoyed this part of the tour. The last presentation was with the Aids to Navigation Team or ANTs. This team’s job is to set up buoys to mark the channels and to make sure that all 900 in the jurisdiction are in working condition.

After the tour, we ate lunch at a local restaurant. Then it was back to the house. Some people went out to the beach or did homework. At 3:30, Amy and Terrence came over to the house and showed us videos on the research projects that the Cambrian Foundation has done. We also talked about next year’s planned expedition to Akumal, Mexico. This is very near the Great Blue Hole of Belize, which was one of the afternoon’s featured presentations. Also we watched a video on the Wekiva research that was conducted in 2001.

After dinner there was a game of beach volleyball. Four games were played, but the fourth game was called short due to the fact that visibility was nearly gone. Overall it was an interesting day. The group learned a lot from and about the Coast Guard and had fun beating Terrence in volleyball.

Team Commodore:

  • Team A:
    • Carrie Campbell
    • Mike Campbell
    • John Boswell
    • Woody Dunkum
    • Chadd Gable
    • Becky Gupton
    • Brian Mackintosh
    • Stacey Orange
    • Josh Owen
    • Mary Brittany Townsend
    • Jeremy Wyatt

  • Team B:
    • Amy Giannotti
    • Terrence Tysall

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Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

No fair! All that warmth and sunshine! I’m so jealous…as is everyone else here. Will you be going on the boat tomorrow? You all are missing all the fun back at school…CAT testing, AP testing… Don’t you wish you were here??? This will bring you back to the real world–interims go out Tuesday. Is that a chorus of groans I hear? I’m just trying to make you feel guilty for all the sunning on the deck, walking on the beach, sunshine, warmth…. Is it working? Didn’t think so.
Have fun and be safe!
Terri Wyatt

Hi Mrs. Wyatt…thanks for your note. Yep, we head out on the boat tomorrow morning at 8:00 am to deploy an ROV over the wreck of the SS Commodore. The Fuqua students will be operating it and ‘flying’ it around the wrecksite. Should be fun! We’re just hoping for flat water. 🙂

I think you should do more pushups. What is with the knees?

Your sister,


Hi Rachael – I’ll make sure your brother gets this message. I don’t know if he is able to respond, though…I heard this morning’s PT was really tough…but he did awesome in volleyball tonight! I slept in this morning…hee..hee… Mrs. G.

OK, you guys!!!!!!!!!–enough with the playing and get to work. If I have to “plod along,” why not you? Who wants to see a sunrise–don’t y’all have sunsets down there? By the way, don’t let Mrs. G. play football.

Love to everybody,

Mrs. M.(as in Mason!)

Hi Mrs. Mason! We are keeping them busy…both mentally and physically!! Coach Fore and Mrs. Scott would be proud of the daily exercise they are getting…whew! I’m just glad I have an excuse to NOT participate in those morning PT’s! Take care and miss you, Amy..

Hope ya’ll are having a big time. Think of me here studying for exams.
Much love to you all – especially Mrs. G.

Gena Duffey

Hi Gena! It is good to hear from you! We all wish you the best of luck on your exams! Miss you lots!

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