Internship Program

Students interested in participating in our internship program should coordinate with their respective institutions to inquire about the possibility of earning academic credit.  Previous interns have worked with the Cambrian Foundation and gained practical experience in a variety of disciplines including biology, geology, anthropology, fundraising, web design, underwater videography, education, communications, and scientific diving, etc.

Sam Waltman, our 2008 intern, was a senior at Texas A&M University at Galveston.  Sam majored in marine biology and earned a certification in secondary education.  During Sam’s internship, he was responsible for coordinating the logistics of the Bermuda Interactive Cave Conservation broadcasts for two venues in Galveston:  Texas A&M Sea Campus Kids Program and Moody Gardens/Galveston Aquarium.  As a liaison, Sam’s job was to insure that each location had the technological setup necessary for being able to receive and transmit the signal via satellite…not an easy task!  Sam’s bio is included here.

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2011 – Colby Schindel, Rollins College

2010 – Andrew Vossler, Jenny Sherwood, Stephen Dunn, John Kluwin – Rollins College

Amber Taylor, Virginia Commonwealth University

2009 – Alex Houston, University of Central Florida

2008 – Sam Waltman, Marshall Hawkins, Jenny Gautier – Texas A&M University – Galveston

2007 – Ryan Hunter, Frank Scalli Intern/Boston Sea Rovers

2006 – Katy Marston, Frank Scalli Intern/Boston Sea Rovers

2005 – Brittany Griffiths, Tulane University

Elizabeth Hackley, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Kris Shannon

Rick Simon, Frank Scalli Intern/Boston Sea Rovers

Marissa Williams Rodriguez, Rollins College

2004 – James Barbour, Lee French, Paul Sharp, Longwood University

Kate Douglas, Frank Scalli Intern/Boston Sea Rovers

Woody Dunkum

Josh Owen, Lynchburg College

John Boswell, Hampden-Sydney College

2003 – Reese Rechnitz, Krista Shirley, Artie Ahr, Rollins College

1999 – Anthony Bielawski, Rollins College

1998 – Anthony Bielawski, Rollins College