Legare R. Hole III Memorial Scholarship Fund

Legare R. Hole III Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Legare R. Hole, III, Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2003 by Terrence Tysall and Ms. Patricia Hole, in memory of his best friend and her son, Lee. The Scholarship grew out of the Legare R. Hole, III, Rescue and Recovery Fund originally created in 1996, and is awarded to deserving students who are dedicated to learning about and protecting the waters of our awesome planet. It was first awarded in 2004 on the Sistema Camilo/Akumal Expedition, and has been awarded annually since.

*Application Information

Legare (Lee) R. Hole, III

Legare (Lee) R. Hole, III


  • One-of-a kind opportunity to work with the Cambrian Foundation and its research teams on projects around the globe
  • Intensive hands-on environmental/marine science study
  • Scholarship awarded to enable the recipient to participate in Cambrian Foundation research projects and day-to-day operations
  • If desired, this experience can be recognized for academic credit


  • Must be 18 years of age (minimum)
  • Demonstrated interest in marine science and/or related field
  • 3 letters of recommendation/application
  • Interview
  • Making a concerted effort to advance knowledge in the field (via academia, vocational, technical, military)

Previous Recipients (click on the links to read more about them..)

2020 – Mia Ola

2011 – Alex Houston

2010 – Jenny Sherwood

2009 – Sam Waltman and Kyle Dilliplaine

2008 – Jenny Gautier and Marshall Hawkins

2007 – Kris Shannon and Marissa Williams

2006 – Betsy Hackley

2005 – John MacLean Boswell, Jr., Woodrow Marks Dunkum, and Joshua C. Owen

2004 – Joshua C. Owen

Congratulations to all of these recipients!