Rena A. Koesler, Ph.D. Recommendation

December 5, 2003


Cambrian Foundation

1234 East Concord Street

Orlando, FL  32803


To Whom It May Concern:


Please accept this letter of recommendation for the work and effort of dedicated professionals working for the Cambrian Foundation.


I have known Terrence Tysall for nearly a year and Amy Giannotti for over two years, as founder/president and educational director of the Cambrian Foundation.  I have been extremely pleased and impressed with the devotion and commitment that they and others have demonstrated on behalf of the Cambrian Foundation.  In February 2003, Terrence and Amy visited Longwood University in Virginia to speak about environmental education outreach programs, technical research diving and educational efforts conducted at ocean depths, and the vision and mission of the Cambrian Foundation.  On behalf of my students, the presentation was stimulating and educational, which broadened the interest of my students (e.g., land environmental education to aquatic environmental education) and helped me to recognize the broad array of environmental programs and educational opportunities the Cambrian Foundation provides.  I would enjoy and appreciate an opportunity for them to visit Longwood University campus again. 


I also participated in a five-day scuba diving certification workshop in July 2003, conducted by Terrence Tysall.  Mr Tysall’s consciousness for safety and professionalism, his stellar enthusiasm for teaching, and passion for educating others about the environmental wonders underwater, helped me to immediately develop an interest and inquisition about the aquatic world.


Perhaps the factor that warrants my desire to write this recommendation is that most, if not all of these programs are conducted and presented on a voluntary basis or at a very minimal fee.  This gesture alone demonstrates the devotion, graciousness and commitment to education from the staff.




Dr. Rená A. Koesler