Fuqua School

The Fuqua School

Located in Farmville, Virginia, the Fuqua School is a private institution for students in grades K through 12. Originally established in 1959 as Prince Edward Academy, it adopted a new name and mission in 1993 under the leadership of a generous local businessman, the late Mr. J. B. Fuqua, who was raised in the area.

J.B. Fuqua was a nationally known businessman and philanthropist, who provided the creative vision and personal effort to initiate multiple programs to improve the world in which we live. Most renowned for his support of Duke University, primarily Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, he contributed to numerous education institutions, including Hampden-Sydney College and Longwood University, both located in Prince Edward County. Among other projects, he endowed the Fuqua Heart Center at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta and contributed significantly to the Atlanta Union Mission, a shelter for homeless men.

The Fuqua School provides unique educational opportunities for its 500 students from central Virginia. With an emphasis on hands-on and experiential learning, The Fuqua School faculty and administration have long been supporters of the Cambrian Foundation since our partnership began back in 2000. To date, approximately 50 students from Fuqua have joined us on expedition, both in the United States and abroad.

We are proud to have hosted three Fuqua graduates as Cambrian Foundation interns during their collegiate careers, and to have welcomed former Fuqua teacher and expedition leader – Dora Bounds – as a keynote speaker for our Annual Gala. Three Fuqua School alumni have received the prestigious Legare R. Hole, III, Memorial Scholarship that is awarded annually by the Cambrian Foundation.