Launching of the Monitor

The wreck of the USS Monitor is perhaps the most famous in the United States. The site became the first Marine Sanctuary designated by the United States Government on January 30, 1975. Since that time, many research dives have been conducted in an effort to help preserve this historic landmark. The Cambrian Foundation is proud to be a participant in the efforts to preserve and protect this most fragile piece of American history.

Facts and Figures

Laid DownOctober 10, 1861
January 1, 1862, from Greenpoint, Long Island
CommissionedFebruary 25, 1862
Tonnage987 tons displacement; 776 tons burden
DimensionsLength 179′; Beam 41’6"; Draft 10’6"
Machinery1 screw, 2 Ericcson vibrating-lever engines (36" x 2’2"); Double-trunk cylinders with 2-in-1 casting, plus 2 large return box boilers.
Indicated Horsepower320 hp = 9 knots
ArmamentTwo 11" Dalgren smoothbore cannons
Armor8" turret, 4.5" sides, 2" deck, 9" pilothouse
Speed6 knots
Hits from Virginia22-23
Shots firedabout 55
Hits on Virginiaabout 20

USS Monitor plans

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