Final Report

Soap Dish

Grey’s Hair Restorative Bottle

The 1997 Monitor Survey Expedition was carried out between the dates of July 27, 1997 and August 2, 1997. Even with marginal ocean conditions, our successful visit to the Sanctuary was accomplished.

Our selection of the Miss Lindsay as our support vessel was an excellent choice. Captain Mike Hillier and his crew were a crucial asset to the successful completion of our expedition.

Our goals for this expedition were:

  • Placement of new Datum Point Markers.
  • Visual reconfirmation of existing Markers.
  • Replacement and/or re-securing of existing markers.
  • Measurement of distances between Datum Point Markers.
  • Still Photography of all stations.
  • Digital Video of the complete wreck site.
  • Search for artifacts.
  • Complete clean up of trash.

These goals were met with the formation of teams and team leaders who coordinated these efforts with Cambrian Foundation President Terrence Tysall and Project Director Mike Armstrong.

All of these goals were met to our satisfaction except the still photography that was needed for the photogrammetry portion of this report.

The Teams were organized as follows:

Survey Team
Terrence Tysall
Mike Armstrong
Bart Bjorkman
Kyle Creamer
Colin Hobbs
Chris Johnson

Clean-Up Team
J.D. Selser
William Kikta
Tai Wilkerson
Dennis Balczeniak
Watson Boxley
John Staub

Artifact Location Team
Pete Haralabatos
S. Soreil
Tony Maffatone

Photography Team
Heath Hanshaw

Videography Team
John Chluski

Support Team
Allison Papp – Water
Cindy Creamer – Land


Upon reaching the Sanctuary, the mooring buoy had already been established by the previous expedition under R. Farb. During the initial descent down line looked to be in good shape with no apparent entaglements.

The most noticeable deterioration was the accumulation of trash and debris. Our Clean-Up Teams spent four dives in a four-man team configuration collecting large amounts of trash.

The artifacts that were recovered can be seen on the video and in photos #17 and #18. Their description and relative position is as follows:

Artifact #1. This soap dish was located under Datum Marker #9 and was recovered by Terrence Tysall and Kyle Creamer.

Artifact #2. This Grey’s Hair Restorative Bottle was located between Datum Markers #10 and #14. This was also recovered by Terrence Tysall and Kyle Creamer.

Note: both artifacts were examined and packed for storage by John Broadwater.

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