Phase II – August 12

Float ball

The team go-carts

Current 2, Divers 0

August 12, 1999 – Once again we headed out at about 0700 for the sanctuary. We made a small adjustment to the assigned postions for each member:

  • Captain, R/V Cape Fear – Dan Aspenleiter
  • Principle Investigator – Dr. John Broadwater
  • NOAA Historian – Jeff Johnston
  • Diving Safety Officer – Dave Dinsmore
  • Dive Supervisor – Cindy Creamer
  • Dive Medical Technician (DMT) – Doug Kesling
  • Chase Boat Operator – Mike Smith
  • Chamber Operator/Chase Boat Support Diver – Ken Johns
  • On deck Standby Diver – Terrence Tysall
  • In-water Support Diver (deep) – Lance Horn
  • In-water Support Diver (shallow) – Michael Ott (also our Diving Medical Officer [DMO])
  • Research Diver (team 1) – Charlie Roberson
  • Research DIver (team 1) – Tyler Moon
  • Research Diver (team 2) – Chris Cote
  • Research Diver (team 2) – Kyle Creamer

Our plan was to accomplish the same tasks that where assigned yesterday. But, the current was in excess of 3 knots as evidenced by our 2 foot diameter float ball nearly being pulled under water and we did not even attempt to dive today. The current was also estimated by the Captain and a swimmer who swam out to the ball and checked its status before we headed back in.

In order to appease Poseidon and his currents (and to vent our frustrations at not being able to dive), the team took the opportunity of an afternoon on shore to have a little fun on the go-cart tracks of Rodanthe, North Carolina. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day for diving.

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