Phase III – July 27

Tim, dive sup. records diver profiles and gas used

Divers are assisted back on deck after their dive

Divers waiting their turn to reboard the Cape Fear

THe Weather Improves

Thursday, July 27, 2000 – Today’s participants:
  • Team 1 – Kyle Creamer
  • Team 1 – Terrence Tysall
  • Team 1 – Doug Kesling (NURC)
  • Team 1 – Michael Barnette
  • Team 2 – Ray Blanchard
  • Team 2 – Cyndi Blanchard
  • Team 2 – John Barone
  • Team 2 – Michael Ott
  • Support – Grant Graves
  • Support – Tane Casserley (ECU)
  • Standby Diver – Gary Byrd (ECU)
  • Chase Boat Support – Andrew Donn
  • Diving Supervisor – Tim Gallagher
  • DMT – Chris COte (NURC)
  • Dr. John Broadwater – Project Director and Chief Archeologist
  • Captain, R/V Cape Fear – Dan Aspenleiter
  • The Mate – Mike Rodaway
  • Shore Duty – Bob Beckner

The conditions improved a bit for us today. The ride to and from the site was not quite as rough. We continued to use the staggered deployment of our teams, with Team 1 dropped five minutes before Team 2 on 25 and 20 minute bottom times, respectively. The current on the surface with windage was about 2 knots; however, underwater (especially deeper than 170 feet) there was effectively no current again. Visibility was better today – about 50 to 70 feet.

Team 2 exits the water after about 95 minutes of total run time while Team 1 has a total run time of about 120 minutes. Because of the rougher sea state, the divers passed up their stage cylinders to the chase boat before the Cape Fear moved in to pick them up. When the boat is backed in to position near the divers, A tag line with a small ball on the end is tossed to them so that they can easily swim and pull themselves back to the boat.

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Aha! Glad to see my request was accomodated . . . I will take the front view of Gary, too. (I enjoyed the laugh – good to see someone else with a quick wit) . . . But, if you don’t mind, although the choices were rather interesting, I will stay with my previously chosen set of cheeks!

Some of the team will be heartbroken – I’ll let them down easy.

Would like to send a big “Hello” to Ray and Cyndi. Your mother was really worried that you wouldn’t get to dive at all, but that is obviously not the case. We really enjoy seeing and reading the daily updates. Enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe journey home.

My mother worries about me alot, too.

How is it going with the hull plates? How are they being removed? What is the goal for deploying the trolley? I wish I could be there to help. I wish you all my best.

The Navy has cleaned off a 15 foot square area at the stern and has attempted to pull up the outermost plate. That isn’t working – they may decide to bring up the hull intact with the engine. The Navy only has today to try to get the trolley in the water. The sea state has not been calm enough to lower it. If they don’t get it in by tonight, they will do it next year.

Hey Gang! The updates and pics are all great! The “comments” section is a fantastic addition to the site. I like to see that the friends and families are keeping up with and supporting the participants. Wish I was there!

How’s that limp?

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