Phase III – July 31

Andrew Donn sets up his equipment for support

planning the day’s dive during the boat ride out

Divers hand their stage tanks up to the chase boat

Argh! The Seas Be Gettin’ Ugly.

Monday, July 31, 2000 – Today’s participants:
  • Team 1 – Tim Gallagher
  • Team 1 – John Barone
  • Team 1 – Grant Graves
  • Team 1 – Terrence Tysall
  • Team 1 – Kyle Creamer
  • Team 1 – Tane Casserley (ECU)
  • Team 1 – Gary Byrd (ECU)
  • Support – Bill Gambrill
  • Support – Tamara Ebert
  • Standby Diver – Bob Beckner
  • Chase Boat Support – Andrew Donn
  • Diving Supervisor – Chris Cote (NURC)
  • DMT – Doug Kesling (NURC)
  • Photographer – Cindy Creamer
  • Dr. John Broadwater – Project Director and Chief Archeologist
  • Captain, R/V Cape Fear – Dan Aspenleiter
  • The Mate – Mike Rodaway

The winds picked up and were about 15 to 20 knots. This of course made for a bumpy ride again today. The seas were 4 to 6 feet, and the current on the surface was measured at about 1 1/2 knots (that included the windage). Captain Dan dropped us a little farther up current, and we arrived on the bottom just off the starboard side near the stern. The current on the bottom was minimal and the visibility was about 20 to 30 feet.

The teams installed the downline (finally), continued work on the trolley, picking up items left behind by the Navy, mapping the turret and mapping the floor of the engine/fireroom. The divers were on a 25 minute bottom time, and met at 22 minutes at the newly established downline to begin the ascent. We continued to use a lift bag and line rather than our breakaway line today, but we will switch to our breakaway method tomorrow.

The weather looks like it will stay about the same for tomorrow; so, we are planning to dive. We picked up some additional supplies when we got back on shore today from a local merchant who is helping the cause. The NEDO Shopping Center has “A Little Bit Of Everything”, and we certainly have gotten our share there. See you tomorrow . . .

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Who “won” the cart race?

Terrence would like to think it was him. He and Dan nearly came to blows over this very question. But, there were no winners, only survivors.

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