One of the many things that will make this museum unique is the reverent presence of a selected representation of various artifacts from the wrecks of Iron Bottom Sound. Our philosophy behind this is not one of desecrating protected war graves, but with the cooperation of the various governments, to preserve small but important parts of the once mighty fleets that now slowly disintegrate unseen at the bottom of the sea. We feel that it is wonderful for people to see pictures of mighty warships steaming in their prime, but it is another thing entirely to gently rest one’s hands on a twisted piece of armor plating. We hope to give the visitor to the musuem a tangible connection to the great events that occured here through viewing and touching these small parts of history.

In other exhibits, we would like to educate the visitor as to the methods employed to bring these precious pieces of history to the surface. Demonstrations of the technology employed, and small recognition of the men and women who risk their lives so that these pieces of our world heritage may be recovered. The preservation process is as critically important. The Cambrian Foundation’s recovery would be coordinated with a team of preservationists, archeologists, and historians to assure proper handling of all artifacts prior to preservation and restoration. To take artifacts from the sea is a lengthy and involved proces that needs to be discussed to fully appreciate the care and reverence with which any artifact is recovered.

Possible Artifacts for Display
Ship’s Bell

Helm Stand


Ship’s Wheel


Safed Armament

Screw (Propeller)

Gun Mount

Damaged plating

Models of Ships

Pictures of Ships

Recovery Techniques for Display
Equipment utilized

Exhibit with Divers in full gear

Underwater scooters

Pictures of actual recovery

Video of actual recovery

The People

The Foundation

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