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(Why will the Museum be built?)

The proposed museum for the island of Guadalcanal will tell the story of the Solomon Islanders before, during and after the military actions of World War II. The natural history of the islands will be the common thread that connects the stories.


(What is the direction for the new Museum?)

To interpret the natural history, culture and military history of the region as a demonstration of the impact of war on people and their culture. The memorial will honor the brave men and women from all nations that fought and died in the area.


(How will the Museum fulfill it’s purpose and vision?)

The Solomon Islands Museum and Guadalcanal War Memorial is dedicated to presenting the story of the Solomon Islands by:

* Educating islanders and visitors with programs that focus on the history and culture of the Solomon Islands.

* Exhibiting World War II terrestrial and marine artifacts recovered by the Museum’s archaeological teams.

* Presenting the science and technologies that provide access to the marine artifacts.

* Advocating respect for the natural systems of the Solomon Islands and the world.

* Providing a memorial to the civilians and veterans of World War II.

* Partnering with major museums throughout the world to disseminate the knowledge of the region and its history.


(What standards will guide the new Museum?)

The exhibits, programs and designs for the new museum will be guided by standards that:

* Integrate the purpose, vision and mission throughout the museum.

* Embrace the principles of the people of the Solomon Islands.

* Promote the conservation of historic artifacts.

* Engage the audience through exhibits and programs designed to be relevant, educational and interactive.

* Provide for the visitor’s reception, orientation, comfort, safety, relaxation and refreshment.

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