Visitor Experience

What is it?

The Solomon Islands Museum and Guadalcanal War Memorial

Where is it?

Honiara, Guadalcanal

Who is it for?

* The people of the Solomon Islands

* The veterans of World War II and their families

* Tourists and underwater explorers

* Future generations

What is it about?

* The natural history and culture of the islands;

* The military history of the region

* Underwater exploration; and

* The technologies for recovery and preservation of historic marine artifacts

What might it look like?

The museum and memorial envisioned must have a sense of place. The ideal location would be a seaside site overlooking Iron Bottom Sound near the mouth of a river and along the route to the airport. Form will follow function and the full development of content will determine the primary functional spaces. Our vision is for a phased development starting with a facility approximately 10,000 square feet, built of local materials and taking maximum advantage of traditional island environmental designs. Technical environmental controls will be used judiciously and primarily for the preservation of artifacts.

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