September 19

Divers enter the dive area with a load of gear

Kyle & Terrence – 3 empty reels after their dive!

NO PASSING – does this make sense?

A cake for Karl’s “Abe Davis” Award dive

Star Wars

Tuesday, September 19, 2000
All of our teams (four separate teams today) laid new line in different areas of the system. In total it was about 2300 feet of new passage! As exciting as this was for everyone, it was discovered, when we got back to the resort, that there were some inaccuracies in some of the data. We will have to reverify this information tomorrow. That being said, two of the teams did come back with data (approximately 1500 feet) that could be added to the survey map.

The highlight for today came from Kyle and Terrence, who planned a dive back to the “House of the Gods” area, where the passage had gotten so large. They plannedto go in the opposite direction in that tunnel from the previous days. They tied off and headed down this tunnel about 160 feet when it changed direction. Another 140 feet, and it intersected an even larger (if you can imagine) passage, that went in two directions – as far as their lights would go! Dilemma – left or right. They chose left, and this enormous cave passage continued for another 1000 feet where they had to tie off because they ran out of line. Kyle noticed that the area where they ended today looked like they were flying into the heart of the Death Star from the Star Wars movie. The area was exceptionally large and round with their passage passing through. In the center is a huge column formation that must be at least 15 feet in diameter. After the dive, Terrence said this was the largest and most impressive cave he had ever seen. Kyle dubbed the passage leading to this area of the grandest cave both of them had ever seen “Cindy’s Passage” after his loving wife.

We thought you might like to see some of the interesting things that we see every day here. As we drive to the site down this narrow dirt road (called the Coba well road because there is a well pumping station at the end of it), we pass this sign. It is an international highway sign for “NO PASSING.” My only guess is that at one time they had exceptionally small cars thatt traveled this road. Go figure.

Most people try to obtain goals and hope for recognition from their peers. One of the awards given to cave divers is the Abe Davis Award issued by the NSS-CDS, one of the cave training organizations. This award is given to divers that have successfully conducted 100 safe cave dives. Karl’s dive today completed his requirements to receive his Abe Davis award. To celebrate this, we baked a cake (actually, we had the kitchen bake a cake).

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In Florida, most cave systems breach the surface in the form of sink holes or relatively large springs. Are the Cenotes in Mexico similar?

Yes, they are. Cenotes are what most of the locals call a sink hole. To the Mayans, the cenotes were considered “sacred wells.” Like parts of Florida, the land here is one large karst area and is littered with cenotes. The major difference is that here the terrain is covered with dense jungle and the sites remain hidden until someone goes looking for them.

You guys have this technology thing down. I just got a chance to check out the webpage to see what you were up to. Kinda sad that I have to use a computer to find out where in the world is Kyle Creamer! You don’t keep in touch when I don’t owe you any money. Just kidding. Kyle, you need to get into some of these pictures. I am showing off the webpage to everyone at work and they keep asking for pictures of you. Give me a call when you get back into town. In all your world travels, you need to somehow pass through NC and come see me!
Take care and call me soon!!
~~ Kelly ~~

I have to use this degree in engineering for something. I know we have been busy, but Cindy and I are planning to get down to see ya’ll in October. Give Cindy a call – Sarah had her baby. His name is Jacob. That makes 7 grandchildren!

I found this map on the web. It shows your hotel’s location but not the dive site. I’ve completed the location map and will put your initial map on it as an inset. You will be leaving soon for the states so I’ll leave it up to Cindy to see if you want to post it so readers can see where you are making the dives.
Great Expeditions need great personnel and you have them. Give every one my very best regards. I don’t send hugs, that is for girls.
Beers and Cheers
Bob Dill

Thanks for the help and the compliments. On your map, the resort is just south of Akumal and we drive south down the main highway (307) and take the Coba Road west to the site. We then take a left down a narrow dirt road about half a mile to where the trail begins. The cenote is probably about 25 kilometers from the coast.

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