Phase I – April 2

Yummy Food!

Angela Corkery, Patron Saint of the Bored

Andrea Doria

Hut, hut…

A plan is formed…

Making the Best of It

Monday, April 2, 2001
After much trial and error, we have finally figured out that the banana pancakes are the most awesome item on the breakfast menu at Fish Tales Restaurant…that is if you like bananas. The Cambrian Foundation divers and first mate, Mike Rodaway enjoyed coffee and fare for yet another morning stranded on shore.

Determined to keep moral from dropping, Angela Corkery, who visited for the weekend, left a football , air pump and needles, as well as a DVD player and fresh movies to watch! THANK YOU!

After watching Smokey and the Bandit, we determined that cable service was working again and we watched the History Channel. Today they broadcast a special on Disasters at Sea including the sinking of the Luxury Liner Andrea Doria. After our team watched the special and studied the reenactments, we decided to lure the entire expedition crew to the beach for a ruckus game of sand football under the auspices of a Monitor / Virginia reenactment. We learned that many people have different opinions of what two-hand touch football means, and those ‘Confederates’ playing on the Virginia team just never quite play fair! There definitely is a sliding scale, where two hands touch your opponent in order to shovel his face into the sand.

NOAA Weather Radio gives us indication that we will FINALLY have good weather for Tuesday and Wednesday. We have all checked and rechecked our gear. We are very anxious to get out and get back to work.

So the quiz question for today is…How many divers on the Phase I Monitor Expedition have been diving on the Andrea Doria?

Email us your answers / guesses. Prizes will be awarded.

All Star Players:

Dan Aspenlighter (UNCW)
John Barone
Mark Corkery
Shawn Douthat
Tamara Ebert
Keith Meverden (ECU)
Nat Robb
Chad Roberts
Terrence Tysall

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Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

GUYS… Foosball table?? I bet Barone voted for a 3 dimensional chess set.
Anyway it looks like we will be arriving Weds 4-5 PM. ( instead of Thursday) I would like to volunteer for sweat diver Thursday to get back in to the "groove" so to speak, if it is OK. Is there anything else anyone needs us to bring??

Conrad – Thanks for the thought.  Bring money, guns and lawyers. The local weather god is beginning to tick me off; I want to make him an offer he can’t refuse before my gills dry out from all of this shore time. I’m diving a wet-suit, so your Viking and argon rig is available here. No-one has said anything about regulator rebuilds, so bring a good book. Give my best to Dearie and Po, Barb too. Take care. John

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