April 19

612 more feet of big cave

Sidemount cylinders and stages

The long decompression

Reviewing survey during the pre-dive briefing

William’s first day

Empty Reel !! … Day 6

April 19th, 2001
Day 6 turned out to be very successful. Team 1 composed of Terrence, Renee, and George headed off downstream with 4 cylinders each. Approximately 60 minutes into the dive and 3,000 feet back into the cave, the team came to the end of the known line. With excitement the team tied off a new reel and off they went to explore. 612 feet later the reel was empty and there was much more cave staring them in the face! The cave was still going but unfortunately it was time to turn the dive so that a thorough survey could be conducted. After the lengthy dive, team 1 underwent a rather extensive decompression of about 80 minutes where they had time to explore the cavern zone quite thoroughly!

Team 2, consisting of Mark and Andy, went downstream as well to explore a lead on a line that was placed by Steve Berman and friends the day we left in September of 2000. They investigated different passages that led into some larger areas that may lead back to the going South Tunnel.It is our hope that it may be a shortcut saving the teams a significant amount of time when they continue exploration.

The first passage Mark and Andy chose was a large bedding plane formation with ceiling heights varying from four to ten feet in places. There were larger decorated rooms on either side of the line and some side wall openings along the way. Line arrows were left marking areas needing further exploration. After approximately 250 feet, the team encountered a restriction that Andy, with back mounted doubles, preferred not to negotiate as to not damage the cave.

The team then turned around and headed back to the main line. The second passage was similar in size and shape, but due to gas considerations the team ended the dive and returned to the cave entrance at Cenote Camilo.

Dive Team:
George McCulley, Mark Corkery, Andy Peterson, Renee Power, Terrence Tysall

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