June 13

Tim and Terrence prepare for today’s dive

The team loaded in the sciff on the way

Lee and Mark suit up in preperation for the dive


Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Tuesday, we awoke to see . . . fog. We had planned to dive at low tide, 1015 hours; however, the fog did not burn off until after 1100. We cancelled dive operations and hoped for better conditions the next day. When we got up today, there was an even denser fog – go figure. We decided to try our luck during the next slack time window, at high tide; so, we scheduled our dive for 1700 hours.

We loaded our equipment on the tug and skiff and headed out to the site at 1500 hours. We deployed a surface based current meter off the side of the tug to verify the tide and dropped a down line for the divers near the meter (using GPS and the sonic locator). We splashed the bottom divers, Tim and Terrence at 1709 and waited for them to send up a lift bag, which came up at 16 minutes. We deployed the support divers, Lee and Mark, on the bag, and they confirmed the bottom team was OK.

Unfortunately, the bottom team was unable to locate the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). We have one more chance tomorrow. We will plan our dive for low tide again – 1150 hours. We hope that Mother Nature plays nice.

Our Team:

  • Tim Gallagher – Bottom diver
  • Terrence Tysall – Bottom diver
  • Lee Livingston – Support diver
  • Mark Corkery – Support diver
  • Kyle Creamer – Dive supervisor
  • Rich Bourgerie – NOAA oceanographer/Scientific Supervisor
  • Jim Lewis – NOAA Atlantic Tides Field Team Leader

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