April 21

Carri stands at the base of the temples of Tulum.

George and Terrence blending gas

Renee preparing to dive Carri’s Loft.

The gang at Actun-Chen being attacked by monkeys!

Renee visits family while in Mexico!

Project Participants and Sponsors

Aquatech/Villas De Rosa
Sartek Industries
Dive Rite Inc.

“Back to the jungle!”

Sunday, April 21, 2002 –
After Terrence had a chance to review the dive team plans for today, our land based team (Carri, Mike, and Thecia) headed to Tulum to video the temples. Unlike any other part of Mexico, Tulum is a special place rich in history. The temples of Tulum (Tulum is Maya for Wall) are the most popular archaeological site within the Riviera Maya. This walled city flourished during the last Post Classic Period (AD1200-1524) when sea trade along the east cost connected Mexico to lower Central America.

Team 1 consisted of Dave and Joe. Being that this was their first dive in this system they conducted an orientation dive to gain familiarity. The team chose to go downstream first. Several T’s where taken before the team opted to head toward the upstream portion of the system. Passing the Cenote, team 3 was encountered. After giving “right of way” the team continued up into Allison’s room continuing through a few more survey station before turning the dive. The complete run time was 116 minutes.

Team 2 consisted of George, Renee and Andy. The dive plan was to go to the end of The Denial Line and complete the survey of the area. To achieve the mission the team decided to use 4 bottles each to ensure adequate air supply. They entered the Cenote and turned right at the “T” onto the Bacteria Line. From there they turned onto the Halocline Line which lead to the Denial Line. After exploring around at the end of the line, it appeared that there was no going passage. The team then began to survey on exit. Along the way they explored numerous passageways that were in the halocline but none of them seemed to develop. The depth during the dive ranged from 20-73 feet with halocline in the deeper sections. The entire dive including a 5 minute padded deco stop was 152 minutes. Mission completed!

Expedition Team:
Anna Olecka
George McCulley
Terrence Tysall
Mike St.Germain
Carri St.Germain
Andy Henderson
Thecia Taylor
Renee Power
Cliff Sifton
Dave Duguid
Joe Fortuna

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