May 8

Rebreathers 3: Open Circut 2

Terrence N. Tysall

Becky, Josh O, Jeremy, & John check out cool stuff

Chadd examines underwater plant life

Becky, Josh, Jeremy, and John mock beach erosion

Turtles in Rehabilitation

Project Participants and Sponsors

Dive Rite Manufacturing
Sartek Industries
Ocean Odyssey Dive Center
Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse
Volusia County Marine Science Center
Sea Dog Diver
Spruce Creek Scuba
Golub Mechanical Contractors
Fuqua Schools
Underwater Dynamics

DAY 8: Rebreather’s Revenge or Marine Science Center

Wednesday, May 8, 2002
Todays dive team consisted of (from left to right) Tom, Bill, Jim, Terrence, and Rick. Kim dive supped while the men were continuing to map the wreck. Andy, a reporter for the Daytona Beach Newspaper, joined us to cover our wonderful story. Another successful day.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to another dive team member…Tom “TATONKA” Killinger. He did a great job on this project and will be missed!

Our (the Fuqua Group) schedule was a little bit different today. This morning we joined the Volusia County Marine Science Center for a tour of their facility and a day FULL of workshops and activities. The Center specializes in sea turtle rehabilitation and research, and our students were given the wonderful opportunity to spend the day learning about these and other creatures. Our first task today was to travel out to a mangrove swamp and sample
the invertebrates living in the mud.

Then we went out to the beach to do some soil (sand) sampling and seining. The Fuquaites waded out into the surf and their catch was awesome!!

After a relaxing lunch in the pavilion, we headed back to the Center and examined our organisms under the microscopes.

Our instructors (Louise and Wes) kept us busy with all kinds of activities teaching us about beach erosion, soil infiltration and percolation, etc…

We all felt very fortunate to be the first visitors to the newly constructed Marine Science Center!

Send questions or comments to the trilobite.
Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

Hello from Cranberry! We are talking to Conrad today and he told my 2nd grade class all about your dive. We all would like to know if any of the divers found any personal effects such as: belt buckles, pen, pipe, jewelery, coins, books, wallet, glasses etc. We also would like to know how all of the divers communicate safely underwater? We look forward to seeing some more of the underwater pictures of the wreck.
Angela Cardillo and Room 52
2nd grade class – Rowan Elementary

Thanks for these great questions. First, unfortunately we have not found any personal effects of the crewmen of the Commodore. Most of the artifacts we are mapping are very large structures of the ship itself that has lasted over the 100 years it has been down there. But yesterday, one diver found a flashlight that a previous diver must have lost. 🙂 Second, we communicate primarily by hand signals when we are underwater (and sometimes on land too!) Unless you are Terrence who just talks through his regulators anyway. A lot of the symbols are similar or taken from American Sign Language, such as the symbol for “OK”.

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