March 26

Mike prepares for some more underwater video.

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After a hard day in the jungle…

Our team leader hits the wall.

Laying more line

Wednesday, 26 March 2003
After another exciting breakfast of french toast prepared by Mike St. Germain, the team once again left the ocean breeze for the hot, steamy jungle. Today was slated to be a video day so they had prepared the day’s necessities for that mission.

Once at the Well Road, they were greeted by a locked gate! Fortunately, someone came along and let them in. There seems to be more activity on the Well Road than in years past. The road is trimmed back a lot and someone is living in the old chicken ranch. Permission had already been given to dive on the property but the team asked this man his permission also. Apparently, he had put up a fence due to people driving along the back road and dumping trash. His wishes were honored to shut the gate when finished. Whew, that was close! Indeed, along the road side there stands piles of garbage. Yesterday buzzards surrounded the area and strangely seemed to enjoy their “feast”.

Garbage seems to be everywhere in this area. A high focus on industrialization and lax environmental laws are not helping. We just wish people would throw trash anywhere but on the ground. It is especially sad to see it on the beach. The entire ecosystem is affected including the drinking water. All of the fresh water in the Yucatan Peninsula is transported via an underground aquifer system. The largely limestone ground is very porous and waste will seep through into the drinking water supply.

Once at the trail, the team began unloading the gear with the help of the muchachos. Mike captured video of the event for the archives. Later, down the trail, Mike also filmed people hiking, carrying gear, jungle chopping, and of course hydrating! Finally upon reaching Cenote Camilo, Andy interviewed Mike on camera about why we are in Mexico and the nature and purpose of the expedition. Andy taped the team setting up gear and rigging for the dive.

Downstream of Camilo was the focus today. Mike took his “critter cam” to an area that is loaded with critters. The rest of the team provided light as well as looked for subjects to video. After about an hour the team exited the system. On the way “home” a stop was made to buy ice cream for the muchachos. Everyone enjoyed the cool treat after another hot day in the jungle. Another video day is scheduled for Friday. Tomorrow the team divides again to conquer! Two teams will be formed operating out of Camilo and Carri’s Loft.

A huge thank you is extended to Nancy and Wayne at Villa’s De Rosas for once again having lovely accommodations and excellent food available for us. We appreciate their willingness to let us have 2 vehicles for the time we are here and lending us their hired help to help us with tanks. Villa’s De Rosas has an outstanding set up for diving caves, cenotes, caverns and reefs. Thank you!!!

Expedition Team:
Andy Henderson
George McCulley
Therese McCulley
Renee Power
Nat Robb
Michael St.Germain
Thecia Taylor

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