Bill Ward Day

Bill & Woody assist Terrence in the kitchen! Yum!

Bill teaches Woody & Brian how to launch a net.

The gang & Bill, at Callalisa Creek.

Is it a junvenile pompano, croaker, or red drum?

The gang having dinner at PJ’s.

Bill Ward Day

Friday, May 9, 2003
Because our dear friend Bill Ward was able to join us for most of this week and we are grateful for the things he has taught us, we decided to title today’s page in his honor. This morning we were all treated to Terrence’s homemade pancakes! We ate breakfast around 8:15 and then headed out to the beach to begin Day 2 of our biological sampling competition. We started the day in the surf in front of the beachhouse and sampled here for about 3 hours. We caught many different species including juvenile pompano, red drum, crabs, worms, etc. and identified many different kinds of plants and shorebirds.

After spending several hours sampling in the surf, we gathered our equipment, broke for lunch, and met back up at 12:30 for a trip to Callalisa Creek to sample in the salt marsh. Here, the diversity was much greater, and we found many blue crabs, hermit crabs, mullet, killifish, shrimp, and even a juvenile flounder.

Our competition ended at 2:45, and we headed back to the beachhouse to summarize and recopy our data. Once that was complete, Mrs. Campbell, Amy, Terrence, and Bill tallied our scores and we anxiously awaited the results.

We all met for dinner at 5:00 and headed to PJ’s in New Smyrna Beach for some seafood. We learned at dinner that team Osprey (Chadd, Mary Brittany, and John) won the competition just in time to win a dinner courtesy of the Cambrian Foundation! Congrats to them!! After a nice relaxing dinner, we adjourned to the beach for one last beach volleyball tournament…which went on til near dark. We would like to thank all of the people who helped make this week possible for us, and we are already looking forward to next year!!

Team Commodore:

  • Team A:
    • Carrie Campbell
    • Mike Campbell
    • John Boswell
    • Woody Dunkum
    • Chadd Gable
    • Becky Gupton
    • Brian Mackintosh
    • Stacey Orange
    • Josh Owen
    • Mary Brittany Townsend
    • Jeremy Wyatt

  • Team B:
    • Amy Giannotti
    • Terrence Tysall
    • Bill Ward

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