Chasing Leads

Grant mixes gas for the next day’s diving.

Finally a little intelligent help with the GPS!

A preview of the unexplored Aktun Chen cave.

Thanks to everyone at Sartek!

Team member Karl Shreeves.

Namesake of Cenote Coati Mundi.

A rooster woke up early at 5:30am thus did part of the team. Early PT and breakfast started us out right. We Then proceeded downstairs to analyze our tanks and fill out the expedition log sheet. We departed Villas DeRosa at 9am sharp and headed for the dive site. Don Raphael was very happy to see us again and sent us on our way rejoicing to the cave.

Team 1: Karl, Terrence, Renee
With Grant feeling congested this morning and deciding to skip the dive, we revised the dive plan from last night. Instead of two teams, we formed one, four cylinders each, and headed for the Black Forest Line checking out possible leads.

We made a short run off the Cindy’s Passage Line, but it went no where so we hauled it in and continued on. The first possible lead off the Black Forest Line also proved a bust. The second lead looked good, headed east-south-east over a break down. At first it seemed like we were breaking into some real new passage, but alas, we ran smack into the dangling end of a spur left from the 2002 expedition. Our line didn’t add anything meaningful to the cave, so we reeled it in. We continued down the Black Forest Line, but soon Terrence waved “attention” and signaled “Hold!” It seems his remaining cylinder and regulator were breathing just fine, but the SPG, which worked before the dive, now said “zero.” Smacking it around a bit didn’t intimidate it into cooperating, so it was time to head home. During deco, Terrence retied the entrance line, while Rene and Karl watched, both concluding he would be very talented at macramé. Runtime was about 105 minutes.

We were honored yesterday driving out of Aktun Chen. A family of Coati Mundi hailed us by the side of the road thanking us for naming a cenote after them. We exchanged sentiments and went on our separate ways. It was a touching moment felt by all. To learn more about the Coati Mundi and their sometimes unique ways, please visit the updates from the 2000 expedition.

Team Member Profile
Karl Shreeves is a Cambrian Foundation research diver. He began diving in 1970, tec diving in 1991 with the Farb Monitor Expedition and cave diving in 1995. He is a full time writer and instructional designer for Diving Science and Technology (DSAT), the media production and product development arm of PADI. In that capacity, he has participated in the development of many diver training programs, including the DSAT TecRec courses. He also writes “Beyond the Manual,” a column in Sport Diver Magazine.

Team Members:

  • Grant Graves
  • Renee Power
  • Karl Shreeves
  • Thecia Taylor
  • Terrence Tysall

Send questions or comments to the Trilobite.
Questions and Comments to the Trilobite

Hey guys, anxious to join you. Congratulations on finding Coati Mundi! The real dry exploration in Aktun Chen is a great plus.

Camera is warming up!

Bob Giguere
bGenesis, LLC
Equinox Documentaries, Inc.

Great to hear from you Bob. Glad you are following along. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival. There will be plenty of work to go around! Be ready to sweat!

From all of us

Renee, THAT IS NOT FAIR!!!!!
I want to go to Mexico as well! 😉
I just visited your website.
Let me know when you are back.


Joerg, You’d like it here I know. Maybe next year!
Thanks for following along on the site. Let’s go dive those breathers when I get back!

Hi Renee,
So while you were watching Terry make breakfast………..did you feel like “Jane Goodall”? Hey Terry! Were you ever in Pompei?
Anyway, have a safe and successful expedition, I’ll be checking on you often.

Best Regards,
Carl Saieva
Sartek Industries Inc.
“The Technical Advantage”
Voice (631) 924-0441
Fax (631) 924-2959

Thanks Carl. We’ve given Terry a Darwin Award for his fiasco. He’s not dead yet, so it’s still pending. Renee Well you have one minor conflagration and suddenly you’re labeled! Fine none of you will ever have the pleasure of my famous Jimmy Carter Flambe’. Terrence
PS In all seriousness, your lights are awesome and make this expedition possible!
All of us

I went to the website. Hope you are having fun!
See ya, Andy

Andy, Thanks for following along! I am having a great time as you might expect. Is it still snowing?

Terrence, Well I can at least say I’ve never set my PB&J on fire!

That’s because you’ve never seen the inside of a kitchen without your husband holding your hand!

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