Welcome to the Humidity Festival

Transpac II – Dive Rite’s great sidemount rig.

A sampling of the gear support from Dive Rite.

The GPS in it’s waterproof Sartek canister.

Terrence surveys part of the Black Forest.

Renee swims through a lighter section of cave.

Team member Thecia Taylor.

The Cambrian team was thrilled to be part of the International Humidity Festival this morning. We won first, second, and third places only because there were only three people left standing at the end of the festivities. In the middle of the celebration, the compressor suffered some problems, so our logistics were changed a bit. During the interim Renee drove Karl to Tulum to the farmacia (pharmacy) to get him something for his symptoms. No one there spoke any English, but the nice lady gave us something with Coca in it, and she indicated it would do the trick. Once Karl was back safely, the tanks were filled and analyzed, and we departed for the site at 11:00am.

The Dive Team: Grant, Renee, and Terrence
We arrived at the site and began the always fun …unloading of equipment. Once down at the cenote, we suited up and reviewed our dive plan. With five tanks each filled with 37% nitrox at 3000 psi, we descended into Sistema Camilo. Renee led, followed by Grant, then Terrence. We followed the same passages as yesterday, with the main mission to get GPS coordinates at Cenote Kaibab. We approached the area, from an alternate passage discovered in 2002, in order to obtain the necessary tie in data to incorporate it into the map. Once we reached Cenote Kaibab after 100 minutes of swimming, Terrence went up into the jungle to get the GPS coordinates. Mission accomplished! Heading back down Thecia’s Line, we snooped around a bit, laying about 350 feet of new line and turned on thirds. On exit, Renee and Terrence surveyed the alternate passage known as the Kilamanjaro Line while Grant stayed nearby looking for leads. After a total of five hours (including nearly an hour at Cenote Kaibab), the team arrived back at Cenote Muchachos with no deco required. We conducted a five minute safety stop at 15 feet and a 10 minute surface decompression interval before exiting the cenote. We arrived back at Villas DeRosa at 6:00pm to find Karl and Thecia standing there relieved at our return. Tanks were filled, updates prepared and a wonderful meal (complete with chocolate cake!) was served. After prepping for the morning, everyone hit their rack.

One of the most important aspects of a four hour cave dive is, of course, the equipment that makes it possible and safe. Every aspect of this dive involved equipment from DiveRite of Lake City, Florida. Lamar Hires and all of the staff at DiveRite have been sponsors of the Cambrian Foundation since our inception in 1994. From BCD’s to the tank straps, computers, slates, and even reels and line have been donated by Lamar and the Diverite team. An expedition of this nature would simply not be possible without their generosity, time and effort.

Team 2: Karl (aka, team Ebola)
Karl spent the day trying to recuperate himself so as to resume diving.

Thecia spent her day reading, making sure Karl took his medicine, listening to the surf, and basking in the glow knowing that she is now immortalized in Sistema Camilo.

Team Member Profile
Thecia Taylor, also known as Renee’s Mom, is on her fourth Cambrian Foundation expedition to Akumal. Although she doesn’t cave dive, she is very supportive of the project. She is always up early helping with breakfast and then waves us goodbye in the mornings. Thecia is a retired registered nurse who volunteers her time to assist with (hopefully not needed) medical care on the Akumal project.

Living in Little Rock, Arkansas, Thecia doesn’t make it to the beach much. She loves the sand, the sound of the waves and the fresh ocean breezes.

Her only downfall is that she appears to hate birds. She has threatened repeatedly to kill and eat the rooster that wakes her up every…single…morning.

Team Members

  • Grant Graves
  • Renee Power
  • Karl Shreeves
  • Thecia Taylor
  • Terrence Tysall

Send questions or comments to the Trilobite
Questions and Comments to the Trilobite

A new cenote connected to the system! Congratulations! I love the name, too. And it has nothing to do with Kaibab being my favorite dog. (Yeah, right).
Can we please see a picture of a diver swimming with 5 (five!!!!) tanks? It’s hard to picture where the fifth one would go.
One more question. Is it OK to post the link for these reports on the Cave Diver Forum? There are a lot of people there that would be thrilled to follow along.
Keep those discoveries coming –
Anna, We are planning a video/photo dive on Saturday. We will be happy to get that picture for you. In the meantime, I clip my fifth tank on my highest left shoulder D-ring. It lays in front of me as I swim. Some people let it fly behind them. There is already a link on the forum. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Excellent job on cenote Kaibab! I’ve yet to “discover” the joy of new cave, but look forward to it. It’s an amazing analogy to see the contrast between the deep, protected system that yields crystal clear water to the surface ports that yield tanin waters and forest remnants. At least it’s not filled with tires and beer bottles like Florida.
Keep up the good work. Hope Grant & Karl are back in diving shape soon.
3 more days!
Bob Giguere
bGenesis, LLC
Equinox Documentaries, Inc.

No, they’re filled with empty plastic water bottles! Happily, it’s usually clean jungle when popping up into a cenote where people haven’t been yet.


Hey grant are those the same slippers you where in your dry suit I hope you and Carl feel better, and add some more line soon. Congratulations to the team on finding another Cenote.
I have one more peanut butter question – was the lid stuck on the Jar?
They do make some funny pliers to get them off now days but prima cord still works in a pinch.

No drysuit down here. The water is quite warm. Just use the slippers in the evening to sooth the tired dogs. They are a lovely pair of long eared ones. Prima cord is due in any day. We cannot separate Terrence from his peanut butter. We play Burning Down the House each evening in remembrance of the loss.


Looks like you are having a good time and lots of success…congratulations. Don’t forget to take the guys down the Lemely line, past the Halocline room…up into the Loft. Near the end of the line you will see a marked area indicating a small jump to the right-> please take a look, I think there’s another Cenote there (looks like a tight squeeze to get to the area where it opens up near the surface).

Regards and Be Safe,

Hey Mike,
I would rather you come down and help us yourself. There certainly seems to be plenty to do, and now with a path cut to Coati Mundi and a new cenote I think staging out of this area may help us when you come back down with us. If I can motivate anyone for the hike to Carrie’s Loft we will check it out. It’s tough with a team this small. I hope everything is going well with you and the family. Give me a call when we get back in town.
Wish you were here helping,

Somebody please lend a comb or hair net to Grant. I think he’s the only person I’ve ever seen that can come out of the water with “Pillow Head”
Keep up the good work

Last night we snuck into Grant’s room and attempted to shave his head. We were sure the thundering snoring would drown out the sound of the electric razor. Unfortunately we awakened him and our plan was foiled.

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