Plan B

Waterfall at DeLeon Springs

A rolling boil

The Old Sugar Mill

Pancake fun

Brittany digs in

After another visit to Holler Chevrolet to pick up Renee’s car we met at Amy Giannotti’s new home to rendezvous with the rest of the team. Joining us today were Marissa Williams and Brittany Griffiths, interns who are joining us for 2005. Marissa is a junior at Rollins College majoring in environmental studies, and Brittany is a junior geosciences major at Tulane University. Due to Hurricane Katrina, Brittany is now enrolled at Rollins College for the fall semester of 2005.

Today the plan was to evaluate the conditions at DeLeon Springs to determine if diving this cave would be safe given the large amounts of rainfall over the last week associated with Hurricane Ophelia. The discharge was much higher than normal making the boil on the surface more visible. It was decided that diving today would be replaced with pancakes and bacon at the Old Sugar Mill located at the park.

Renee and Andrew stopped at Seminole Scuba in Lake Mary, Florida for air fills in preparation for tomorrow’s dive at Sanlando Springs. Amy and her family prepared a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at her home after which we prepared updates and watched the US Open finals.

Team Members:

Amy Giannotti
Brittany Griffiths
Andrew Pitkin
Renee Power
Marissa Williams

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