Back Seat Drivers In Bermuda

Our room with a view

Our cottage – “Oleander”

A scooter for 3 . . .???

Can’t you just feel the love??

Bermuda High

Our trip to the market!

Greetings from Bermuda! It was very nice to finally meet Annie and the rest of our group. We are very excited to be here, and we are looking forward to our 10 days of hard work and adventure. Thanks to Clear View Suites and Villas for a wonderful view from our rooms!

Bob arrived yesterday, Karl this morning, and Renee and Amy landed this afternoon! Bob and Karl spent the day scouting out technology needs and issues related to broadcasting from the field, and we convened in the afternoon to discuss dive plans, schedules, etc. From there things got more exciting with the trip to the grocery store on the scooters! Karl and Renee took one scooter, and Bob was left with shoulders bleeding from his passenger..we’ll just not mention who that was.. 

After our excursion, we had a nice dinner at a local restaurant. It was great to meet up with Gil, Tom, Jen, and Andrew – a local cave diver. Good food, good folks, and fun! Now off to bed for a good night’s sleep!!

Team Members

  • Jen Cate
  • Rima Franklin, Ph.D.
  • Amy Giannotti
  • Bob Giguere
  • Anne Glasspool, Ph.D.
  • Betsy Hackley
  • Tom Iliffe, Ph.D.
  • Gil Nolan
  • Renee Power
  • Karl Shreeves
  • Bernie Szukalski
  • Terrence Tysall
  • Jack Ward

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