Phase III – July 23

Tony Bielawski after his support dive

Rain or shine, the chase boat waits during deco

A Rainy Day at Sea

Sunday, July 23, 2000 – Today’s participants:
  • Team 1 – Michael Barnette
  • Team 1 – Bob Beckner
  • Team 1 – Shawn Douthat
  • Team 1 – John Barone
  • Team 1 – Grant Graves
  • Team 1 – Doug Kesling (NURC)
  • Team 2 – Tane Casserley (ECU)
  • Team 2 – Gary Byrd (ECU)
  • Team 2 – Steve Sellers (ECU)
  • Team 2 – Frank Cantelas (ECU)
  • Support – Cyndi Blanchard
  • Support – Andrew Donn
  • Support – Tony Bielawski
  • Standby Diver – Kyle Creamer
  • Chase Boat Support – Ray Blanchard
  • Diving Supervisor – Terrence Tysall
  • DMT – Glenn Taylor (NURC)
  • Dr. John Broadwater – Project Director and Chief Archeologist
  • Captain, R/V Cape Fear – Dan Aspenleiter
  • The Mate – Mike

It was quite the rainy day. We hoped the rain would fill in the valleys between the peaks and calm the seas . . . this of course didn’t happen. We had two to four foot swells on site. We ran our staggered two evolution approach again, deploying the first team on a 25 minute bottom time and 5 minutes later deploying the second team on a 20 minute bottom time. On the surface, the rain came down almost continuously and rather hard at times.

Fortunately, it doesn’t rain underwater. There was minimal current and about 50 feet of visibility on the bottom, but because of the rain, the light level was a bit lower. We collected additional measurements on the bridge structure, the skeg and measurements around the wreck, and forwarded these data to the Navy to help them in their efforts.

We have some team members leaving tonight and others coming in, so check in with us tomorrow.

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