Phase III – July 24

John Barone is suited up and ready to dive

Rain, Rain Go Away!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2000 – Today’s participants:
  • Team 1 – Michael Barnette
  • Team 1 – Terrence Tysall
  • Team 1 – Andrew Donn
  • Team 1 – John Barone
  • Team 1 – Grant Graves
  • Team 1 – Doug Kesling (NURC)
  • Team 2 – Tane Casserley (ECU)
  • Team 2 – Glenn Taylor (NURC)
  • Team 2 – Steve Sellers (ECU)
  • Team 2 – Frank Cantelas (ECU)
  • Support – Ray Blanchard
  • Support – Michael Ott
  • Standby Diver – Bob Beckner
  • Chase Boat Support – Cyndi Blanchard
  • Diving Supervisor – Tim Gallagher
  • DMT – Chris Cote (NURC)
  • Dr. John Broadwater – Project Director and Chief Archeologist
  • Captain, R/V Cape Fear – Dan Aspenleiter
  • The Mate – Mike
  • Shore Duty – Kyle Creamer
  • Shore Duty – Gary Byrd (ECU)

Today started grey and stayed that way. We headed out at our usual time and worked out our teams and assignments on the way out to the wreck. The seas have still been too rough for the Navy to get the trolley in the water. Our tasks today consisted mainly of measurements for the Mariners’ Museum on various artifacts that will need to be preserved. Some of the team also worked on getting photos and video of important areas of the wreck. And finally, one element of the team worked on establishing a baseline in the engine and fireroom area.

We were visited by several curious silky sharks during decompression; that is, until a large wahoo chased them away and kept us company for the rest of the dive. We had exceptionally poor weather coming back in today . . . bounce, bounce, bounce!!! Hopefully, things will clear up for tomorrow. We are all getting more waterlogged than usual! See you tomorrow.

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