Arrival and Preparation

Cambrian Foundation members invade Hatteras

Tami rolls argon cylinders

Doug Kesling sorts NURC gear

CF members shop for last minute hardware

Tami check her gear…

Sunday, March 25, 2001 –
Divers began arriving throughout the day. A busy day of moving in and out, reunions and food shopping at the Red and White. Housing assignments were finally worked out, after jostling and shifting a bit. Poor Nat had to move the Cambrian computer lab twice, but stair climbing loaded with delicate computer equipment is now becoming a favorite past time. And as practice makes perfect only the laptop took a spill…don’t worry, no damage!

Monday, March 26, 2001 –
Enjoying one of the last days to sleep in, Cambrian Foundation members went over the NOAA Monitor Expedition Operations Manual and ate a leisurely breakfast at Fish Tales (the only restaurant open for breakfast this early in the season) before heading over to meet Doug Kesling and Mike Barnette at the Coast Guard Boat Maintenance Facility (BMF) to assist in moving cylinders, rendering the chamber operational, assembling the air dredge excavator and setting up the blending station. A quick stop at the hardware store for last minute parts, the team has begun to set up their personal gear for the expedition. We are anxiously waiting the arrive of the boat, The Cape Fear, as we got word of her departure from Wilmington.

As well as we are awaiting the departure of this breezy, damp, cold weather. The team gathered at Mallard’s Nest, The Cambrian Foundation’s Hatteras Headquarters, for the first meeting of the expedition.

Today’s Crew:

  • Terrrence Tysall
  • Nat Robb
  • John Barone
  • Tamara Ebert
  • Mark Corkery
  • Keith Meverden (ECU)
  • Michael Barnette (NOAA)
  • Doug Kesling (NURC)
  • Jeff Johnston (MNMS)
  • Tane Casserley (MNMS)

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