Phase I – March 27

R/V Cape Fear

Capt Dan, Jay, Tami, Tane and Mike R.

Mike Barnette mixes gas

Setup on Cape Fear

Ready to get wet

Tuesday, March 27, 2001 –
We now have a dive platform on site! The Cape Fear arrived last night in time for the team meeting at the Mallard’s Nest. Captain Dan Aspenlighter reported that the first and last two hours were fine, but the five in the middle were a bit bumpy. We were all glad to see him and his crew.

Back over at the BMF, the team filled the decompression cylinders with Oxygen and EAN36, and doubles with 18/50 trimix bottom mix. They were then loaded into a truck and transported next door to Hatteras Landing and put on the dock next to the Cape Fear. Team members personally loaded their cylinders and gear to ensure everything was as it should be. Cylinders were reanalyzed and setup for tomorrows tune up dives.

New members of the support team (Nat, Mark and Keith) were given the full rundown of the duties of a support diver on this expedition by Terrence in preparation for getting wet tomorrow. Some maintenance was performed on the Cape Fear while she was at dock.

The weather today was a breezy 43 degrees and clear. Tonight may stay above freezing, but not by much. Tomorrow is reported to be in the mid 50s. We are confident that we will get a good first day of diving in.

Today’s Crew:

  • Terrence Tysall
  • Nat Robb
  • John Barone
  • Tamara Ebert
  • Mark Corkery
  • Keith Meverden (ECU)
  • Michael Barnette (NOAA)
  • Doug Kesling (NURC)
  • Jay Styon (NURC)
  • Jeff Johnston (MNMS)
  • Tane Casserley (MNMS)
  • Capt. Dan Aspenlighter
  • Mike the mate

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Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

Tami- Where is the sushi? I hope the conditions cooperate for a great Phase 1 Everyone be safe and enjoy the experience. Michael P. Armstrong

Hi Mike- You sure called it..Hatteras Village is in desperate need of a sushi place. How about dropping everything, quitting your lucrative career at USAir and going into a start up on this idea with me? We could for sure make money off of the Monitor crew every year, eh? Miss you here 🙂 Tami

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