Phase I – March 29

Breakfast at Fish Tales

Tane and Keith devise a task plan

Terrence and Mark catch up on reports

Bounce More, Sleep Less

Blown out!

Thursday, March 29, 2001 –
Today, Mother Nature kept us ashore the wind blew, the rains came, blackness Armageddon. Just kidding.

The day started with a 5:15AM wake up call from NURC’s, Doug Kesling proclaiming the news of cancellation of the days diving activities. So, since we were up anyway, a leisurely breakfast was had at Fish Tales Restaurant in buddy teams of three, four, and one.

The foul weather kept us from getting out of Hatteras Landing but Cambrian Foundation Quarterly Logs, other paperwork and reports were caught up, boat maintenance was nibbled away, and details were reworked as far as surveying tasks for the next time we get out to the wreck.

Free time was spent shopping on Ebay. The team pooled funds to purchase a butcher-block style foosball table after confirming the sad removal of the only one in Hatteras from the Sand Bar. A
money order was shipped off today, now we can only wait for its arrival. So just a word to the Phase III participant divers you as well will need to have your money ready to pay your share -$20/person unlimited play. We are setting up a tournament bracket get your foosball team signed up early.

Shore Support:

Dan Aspenlighter (UNCW)
John Barone
Mike Barnette (NOAA)
Gary Byrd (ECU)
Tane Casserley ( MNMS)
Mark Corkery
Tamara Ebert
Jeff Johnston (MNMS)
Doug Kesling (NURC)
Keith Meverden (ECU)
Nat Robb
Mike Rodaway (UNCW)
Jay Styron (NURC)
Terrence Tysall

Send questions or comments to the Trilobite.
Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

Hi to all the Cambrian crew. Hope all is going well there in Hatteras. I am able to slip away this weekend if I can be of use there. I could bring along the camera (and the Shark) but I’m pretty sure that my paperwork is out of date. Maybe I could perform one of the support roles to free up another person for the bottom. Let me know where you all are staying and a phone #. I’d be coming in late Friday night.  If it hasn’t been put on a task list somewhere, remember that I located what I think to be the second mercury tube gauge close to the turret last year.
Andrew Donn

I really appreciate the offer, but participating in dive operations is not possible if your records are out of date. I will be in Hatteras this weekend and one of the things that I will be delivering are certifications to Doug Kesling of NURC stating that each of the participants are certified current as a Scientific Diver. I hope to see you during the Summer phase of the Expedition
Regards and Thanks

Hi Nat from Gypsy Divers & Co. Stay dry and smooth sailing…..will be checking on cats early am on Sat….
Charlie says hi and is looking to get in house for tickets….we’ll show him the way…lj

Thanks Laura (and all the folks at Gypsy). Say hi to the cats for me and take care of Charlie. We are hoping that the weather clears up soon so we can get back in the water. – Nat

Hi Everyone,
I do have a couple of questions:
What are the exact dimensions of the lifting frame? (I’m thinking of building one as a lawn decoration.) Exactly how many facial hairs does Terrence have? (This may be the start of another $0.65 pool.) What are the exact words of the Mantra that Tami is reciting during her dive preparation? (Judging by the photo, I’m betting that most of them are four letters.) Is Terry going to try to top his descent record tomorrow? (I suggest 100′ of chain this time!) Best of luck for a safe and successful mission. We are all very proud of you. I wish I was there with you.
The Cambrian Foundation Fan Club
New York Chapter

Dearest Fan – To answer your questions:
1) The research team suggests instead of installing a multi-million dollar ELF in your front yard, possibly a garden gnome available at your local Wal-Mart would suffice.
2) As far as the follicle count, let’s see…one, two, three…ummmm…it seems to be three, but more on the way.
3) Oh, in deed there were four letter words in the mantra…Carl, Carl, Carl…my light cord is too short.
4) NOAA regulations only permit adding twenty foot sections per dive.  So the best we can hope for is 47 feet on the next dive.

Tami- Are you sure you were in a Zen mode or a snooze mode? I am so pleased to hear that the conditions are cooperating. May Poseidon smile on all your efforts. TNT were you just doing your Lake Superior impression of Mr. T?
Michael P. Armstrong

Not to embarrass the fellas, I dressed below in the rough seas…bad move. I was dreaming of the appropriate porcelain god to pray to.
P.S. Don’t you mean Mr. Zee?

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