Phase I – March 30

Big Waves…No Bubbles

Mark and Terrence Pig Out!

Michelle gives a close shave

Dribbling Fools

Thar She Blows!

Friday, March 30, 2001
Yet another wash for diving today. The weather still not cooperating for yet another day, thwarted a venture out to the Monitor wreck site again. Several of the divers made their way down to the beach to check out the incredible wave action and take photographs of its beauty. Again, we enjoyed a leisurely morning catching up on television shows on the History and Discovery channels…God bless the cable company. Our crew enjoyed cookies and milk as they watched.

Team members took turns catching up on personal grooming at "Lasting Impressions by Kim" in Hatteras Village were bubbly hairdresser, Michelle helped the boys take a little off the top…for those that still had it. The team returned to shop at the Nedo Hardware store for more need-to-have items, including a morale boosting basketball.

A look at the revised weather forecast suggests that there may be a brief opportunity to get out tomorrow morning for diving activities. An impromptu meeting was pulled together at the MNMS Headquarters, ie. Jeff’s house, and diving tasks were reevaluated, reassessed and reassigned as the team experienced some dive roster changes. We are all awaiting the arrival of dive safety officer Mike St. Germain and Renee Power who are scheduled to arrive tonight for a weekend visit.

Shore Support:

Dan Aspenlighter (UNCW)
John Barone
Mike Barnette (NOAA)
Tane Casserley ( MNMS)
Mark Corkery
Tamara Ebert
Jeff Johnston (MNMS)
Doug Kesling (NURC)
Keith Meverden (ECU)
Nat Robb
Mike Rodaway (UNCW)
Jay Styron (NURC)
Terrence Tysall

Send questions or comments to the Trilobite.
Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

I just checked out your site about the current Monitor mission and your sponsors. The correct name of the National Undersea Research Center should be listed as University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s National Undersea Research Center. For space considerations, you may list it as UNC WIlmington (no hyphen), but please include the name of our university. The same is true for the R/V Cape Fear. It can be UNCW’s R/V Cape Fear.
Please make these changes. We are proud to be part of this mission, but we never get recognized for our participation. An
accurate listing will help a lot.
Mimi Cunningham

Hi Mimi-
We’re awful sorry about the mislabeling of the assets available for this mission. We will certainly be very happy to get the errors rectified immediately. We hope this hasn’t caused you any inconvenience. When checking on the correct labels on our live link to your site that has been up for two years, we discovered that we have no reciprocal link from your site. We are certain that this is an unintentional oversight, however, our all-volunteer staff will be more than happy to receive suggestions at any time to continue our great working relationship. Please come out and see the gang on site, we look forward to seeing you!
Terrence N. Tysall – President, Cambrian Foundation

Hi everyone! Tami, way to add some estrogen to the mix! You go girl! See you in a few hours and try to keep those guys in line, will ya?

It’s a full time job…but someone has to do it. See
you tonight, Renee, for the slumber party at the M & M House!

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