Phase I – March 31

DSO Mike St. Germain gears up.

Tami and Jeff discuss use of "Lasers"

Engine Recovery Structure with ELF

USS Coast Guard Open house

In the Water Again

Saturday, March 31, 2001
The weather decided to let us back on the Monitor again today for our second dive of this year. Seas had settled to 2 to 3 feet with 6 foot swells. Divers began arriving to check in at the boat by 7AM , underway just before 8AM and and bottom divers in the the water at 10AM.  Air temperature was in the high 60 and the ocean on the site was 67 degrees top to bottom. Visibility was an outstanding 40 to 45 feet.  Currents were all but non-existent. There were four bottom divers working the wreck today, and two support divers in the water.

Additional measurements were taken on the ERS which stands for Engine Recovery Structure formerly known as the bridge structure, and Engine Lifting Frame (ELF), confirming placement of the structure’s lifting padeyes, the height and width of the padeyes, and chain lengths. Lasers were tested for use in mapping the Monitor’s position beneath the ERS. And, the remaining length of the prop shaft was verified. Grout bags placed last year under the armor belt were inspected to determine shrinkage. These bags support the belt as well as the entire wreck. Holes or gaps created by shrinking of the bags will need to be filled before the engine recovery proceeds to ensure the stability of the remaining wreck.

So to recap today’s activities: We have an ELF chained to a bridge…we are shooting it with lasers…and measuring it…while checking for shrinkage.

Cambrian Foundation members Shawn Douthat and Chad Roberts arrived late today to join the team as bottom divers. Renee Power and Mike St. Germain prepared to return home after their short visit.

After today’s diving, we took part in the USS Coast Guard Station Hatteras Inlet and Ocracoke open house, showing off our recompression chamber and blending procedures.

Today’s Roster:

Captain- Dan Aspenlighter (UNCW)
Dive Supervisor/DMT- Doug Kesling (NURC)
Chamber Operator- Jay Styron (NURC)
Historian- Jeff Johnston (MNMS)
Renee Power- Surface support / photo
Bottom Divers
Terrence Tysall
John Barone
Tamara Ebert
Tane Casserley ( MNMS)
Support Divers
Nat Robb
Mike Barnette (NOAA)
Sweat Diver
Mike St.Germain
Zodiac Support
Mark Corkery
Mike Rodaway (UNCW)

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Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

Hey!!!! I saw some of the pictures on the website, nice yellow pants. You know, I had gotten used to seeing you in the morning every day for a while and the place just isn’t the same without ya! I am unsure how to start my day now without getting any teasing from you…
We miss you too. No big news to report at the lab. Hmmm, well, I guess that’s all, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you again soon – I’ll keep you posted and will be keeping an ‘eye’ on you at the web site – behave, have fun, and be careful! Lemme know if there is anything I can send you (need a new kite??, perhaps some chocolate from Sue??).

Hi Greg-
I miss the whole gang back at the UW Geology Dept already! Gary Byrd threatened to hurt me if I made him fly a kite from my roof again this year, so I haven’t broke it out quite yet. Send chocolate, however money would be better 🙂 Tami

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