Phase I – April 4

Recompression Chamber Operations

New arrivals Pete and Conrad – Welcome!

You Can’t Fault Us For Trying

Wednesday, April 4, 2001
The team reported to the dock by 7am only to get the decision to stand by until 9am while we waited to hear back from a fishing vessel heading off shore that promised to report back on the sea conditions, temperature and clarity near the sanctuary.

In the meantime team members headed over to the Coast Guard BMF (Boat Maintenance Facility) and took the opportunity to review procedures in chamber operations. Chad Roberts and Glenn Taylor hopped in the chamber for a training run as Terrence Tysall and Doug Kesling manned the controls. A simulated treatment was run with clock-like precision.

Meanwhile, back at the dock, a report came back from the fishing vessel, Peggy Joanne that temperatures and conditions were unfavorable for diving today. The team reported back to the dock by 11:00am and the diving activities were officially called off again for today. A rematch of the North/South sand football game materialized on the beach at 1pm but finished by 3pm because both teams were still suffering from injuries from the previous battle.

The 4:30pm group meet was overseen by Tane Casserley. Tane took the bottom divers through various exercises in wreck survey and taught us all a few new techniques that all of us will keep in our pocket of tricks to us down on the Monitor.
Walking the Docks:

Dan Aspenlighter (UNCW)

John Barone

Mike Barnette (NOAA)

John Broadwater (MNMS)

Gary Byrd (ECU)

Tane Casserley ( MNMS)

Mark Corkery

Tamara Ebert

Doug Kesling (NURC)

Keith Meverden (ECU)

Nat Robb

Mike Rodaway (UNCW)

Glenn Taylor (NURC)

Terrence Tysall

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