Phase I – April 5

The team makes a plan

A Wounded Soldier

Another Day, Another Boat Ride

Thursday, April 5, 2001
The team meandered onto the R/V Cape Fear by 7am, analyzed gasses and we were underway by 8am, happy to finally be going out for a day of work in the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary. Briefings went normally. Bottom plans were slightly modified, hand communication signals were reviewed and dive slates were sorted out. Upon arrival at the buoyed wreck site, surface water conditions read 49 degrees Fahrenheit. Doug Kesling, Dan Aspenlighter and Terrence Tysall met in the bridge, discussed options and decided to not send the divers into the water based on the cold conditions and apparent low visibility again. So… we turned and headed back to Hatteras Landing.

After removing personal items from the R/V Cape Fear and straightening out the boat.

Another North/South sand football game was called on the beach for 2pm. The teams were reenergized by fresh soldiers, Tane Casserley, Mike Barnette and Pete Goutmann. Conrad didn’t play but was sacked anyway. Injuries were suffered on both sides and blood ran freely on the battlefield.

A Foosball Update – The foosball table has been shipped and is currently in the back of a truck in route from New York City. We expect to see it any day!
Riding the Rails:

Dan Aspenlighter (UNCW)

John Barone

Mike Barnette (NOAA)

John Broadwater (MNMS)

Gary Byrd (ECU)

Tane Casserley ( MNMS)

Mark Corkery

Tamara Ebert

Pete Goutmann

Doug Kesling (NURC)

Keith Meverden (ECU)

Conrad Pfeifer

Nat Robb

Mike Rodaway (UNCW)

Glenn Taylor (NURC)

Terrence Tysall

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