Phase I – April 7

Nat likes the custard filled

Mark dives into an Apple Fritter

Hatteras Light

Riding the Waves

All About Donuts

Saturday, April 7, 2001
Foiled again, the divers received word at 7AM that we were to be in a holding pattern until 9AM. At 9AM, Doug Kesling reevaluated the weather conditions and due to the strong winds decide to scrap another day of diving in the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary. The wreck will just have to wait. Team members crawled back into their bunks for a couple extra hours of R & R.

Once awakening, the group decided to try out a new breakfast destination, Taste Buds Bakery and Deli. "It’s no Tim Horton’s but for Hatteras, it will do", commented Tami, " there is nothing better than Timbits!". A variety of bakery delicacies were sampled including custard filled, glazed and jelly filled donuts as well as apple fritters. The jury is still out on which is our official favorite.

A contingency headed up to tour the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton. Nat, Mike B., Mike R., Tami and Andrew Donn (diver from last Monitor mission and visiting Cambrian Foundation Member) were geared up to climbed the 8000 steps to the top of the light to enjoy the view. Foiled once again…the lighthouse was closed for repairs. Then for fun and sport the group shopped for the tackiest souvenirs on the Outer Banks they could buy for under five bucks. So for those of you out there expecting gifts from expedition members…look out!

Attempting again to entertain themselves, the group tried to rent a sailboard in Frisco.Ironic as it may sound, by the time they got around to it the wind had completely died and the shop refused to rent us the board for fear of us demanding a refund. So, as our imaginations were running… we crossed the street to the service station, purchased a truck inner tube and decided to do some creative low speed tubing. But…fun and laughs were had by all!

Waiting It Out:

Dan Aspenlighter (UNCW)

John Barone

Mike Barnette (NOAA)

John Broadwater (MNMS)

Tane Casserley ( MNMS)

Mark Corkery

Tamara Ebert

Pete Goutmann

Jeff Johnston (MNMS)
Doug Kesling (NURC)

Conrad Pfeifer

Nat Robb

Mike Rodaway (UNCW)

Terrence Tysall

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Hey Tami:
Where are your FORCE FINS? Don’t answer! I hope you’re having a great time. Have any of your crew done a back flip off the bridge? Mom wants to know what a sweaty diver is? Please!

Fins?…Burial at sea. One jumped ship and the other one followed…just kidding, they don’t fit the suit that I am wearing. Good idea about starting a acrobatic contest of wills…no one will ever be able to top you, Dad but will keep that in mind for the next day out.

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