Phase I – April 8

Inverted wreck of the USS Monitor

Bottom of turret lying under armor belt

Measurements are taken on the ELF

USS Monitor ventilator intake box (inverted)

Engine Recovery Structure from above

On the Bottom Yet Again!

Sunday, April 8, 2001
Though marginal conditions, we decide to take a shot at getting another dive in on the Monitor before our working days dwindle past. Divers checked in at the boat by 7AM, and underway just before 8AM. Water temperature on the site was 68 degrees top to bottom. Visibility was an outstanding 50 to 60 feet. Currents were all but non-existent. All we had to fight were the waves as seas ran 4-6 feet at the end of the dive. We were able to put six bottom divers working the wreck in the water today, assisted by two support divers and the banana boat (with another support diver).

Conrad installed a measuring tape across the forward beam of the ERS (Engine Recovery Structure). Then, he and Chad plumbed another corner of the ELF (Engine Recovery Frame) and marked its location with a reflector for video enhancement, before finally going to work clearing silt and debris from the engine room.

Tane, Tami and Pete gathered plumb-bob measurements over a transverse section of the wreck corresponding to the forward beam and recorded measurements across with tape installed by Conrad. This group also acquired bottom depths at the base of the plumbs to be able to create a three dimensional view of the orientation of the ERS in relation to the wreck.

Terrence continued to shoot precious video and was able to capture shots of the elusive ventilator intake box…not seen to this date on video. All of today’s photo were taken from his video.

Shawn Douthat, Chad Roberts and Mark Corkery head home today. Thanks for all your tremendous help on this project!

Today’s Roster:

Captain- Dan Aspenlighter (UNCW)
Chamber Operator/DMT- Doug Kesling (NURC)
Dive Supervisor- Jay Styron (NURC)
Investigator- John Broadwater (MNMS)
Stacy Davis- Surface Support
Andrew Donn- Surface Support
Shawn Douthat- Surface Support
Bottom Divers
Terrence Tysall
Chad Roberts
Pete Goutmann
Conrad Pfeifer
Tamara Ebert
Tane Casserley ( MNMS)
Support Divers
Nat Robb
Mike Barnette (NOAA)
Sweat Diver
John Barone
Zodiac Support
Mark Corkery
Mike Rodaway (UNCW)

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