Phase I – April 9

Capt. Dan waits for the 9AM weather forecast

Replacing the front wheel bearing on a Land Rover

Training dives in the chamber

Chef Pete Goutmann

Conrad enjoys a cone.

Another Day Topside

Monday, April 9, 2001
Divers arrived at the dock by 7AM, and were given word by Captain Dan Aspenlighter to remain in a holding pattern until the 9AM weather report. Winds at the buoy were blowing 26 knots. So instead of heading back to bed this morning…the entire group headed over to Fish Tales Restaurant and enjoyed the usual fare. At 9AM, we meandered back to boat, waited for the forecast and discovered that even in waiting, the winds had only dropped to 25 knots. Another day to spend ashore was determined.

Vehicle repairs were the project of the morning. Nat and Conrad tore the front left wheel off of his Land Rover and besides missing a few parts, attempted to replace the wheel’s bearing. Only two trips up to Buxton, NC later did the two realize that a part must be over-nighted into Hatteras to complete the repair. Over at the MNMS Headquarters, Jeff Johnston thought that the MNMS Suburban had torn the serpentine belt. After he and John Broadwater lifted the hood, they realized that the reason that the belt had fallen free was that the alternator fell apart. With a tear shed, the Suburban was loaded on a flat-bed truck and hauled up north for repair.

Jay Styron took the crew in the afternoon through demonstration chamber operations using the on site chamber provided by NURC for the project. Conrad and Pete (both EMT’s and showing interest in a DMT Course) took turns running one another and Tami on chamber rides. "Best ride here at the carnival, it’s definitely worth the four ticket price." John Barone handled communications for the process.

In the evening, the Cambrian divers got together for a four course homemade Italian dinner at Mallard’s Nest (our Hatteras home), and to watch the special, "Raising the Monitor" on the History Channel.

Pete manned the fires and assembled a mountainous pan of lasagna. Conrad tossed the salad, and Nat was on garlic bread duty as well as stepping in with dessert, too…Chocolate Jello pudding. YUMMY!

Holding Once Again:

Dan Aspenlighter (UNCW)

John Barone

Mike Barnette (NOAA)

John Broadwater (MNMS)

Tane Casserley ( MNMS)

Mark Corkery

Tamara Ebert

Pete Goutmann

Jeff Johnston (MNMS)
Doug Kesling (NURC)

Conrad Pfeifer

Nat Robb

Mike Rodaway (UNCW)

Terrence Tysall

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