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The Expedition Begins . . . Happy Easter !

April 14th/15th
Yesterday the initial expedition members safely arrived in Akumal, Mexico. In preparation for the next day’s diving activities, the team spent the evening rigging some of the new sidemount gear from Dive Rite. The team prefers this configuration for the challenging logistics and remote locations encountered while exploring Sistema Camilo. We were very pleased to welcome the newest Cambrian member to the dive team: Andy Peterson of San Diego California. After a great dinner courtesy of our hosts at Villa De Rosa, the team turned in trying hard to contain the enthusiasm for the first day of exploration.

Today’s activities commenced with our early risers at 0530. George McCulley pulled mess duty this morning and prepared Mexican style French toast much to the delight of the rest of the team. The support members of the team arrived soon after and vehicle loading was completed. After the drive to Sistema Camilo our favorite part of the day began; the transferring of all of the equipment to the site.

Mercifully this morning our arch enemy, the hoards of voracious blood sucking winged demons; the mosquitoes, were absent. This made the 2.5 jungle jaunt miles much more bearable than on the previous expedition. If we can only figure a way to reduce the weight of all of the equipment necessary to support our diving operations we would be happy indeed! Imagine having to carry 250 plus pounds in addition to several gallons of water through the limestone studded trails of the Mexican jungle! Phew! Today just setting up base camp required the team members to hand carry several thousand pounds of equipment into the jungle.

Today’s diving operations were kept intentionally uncomplicated in order to acclimatize and familiarize the team with the site and its intricacies. The entire dive team made an upstream dive to verify guideline continuity and gather information for tomorrow’s survey, mapping, and guideline maintenance dives. The team had a maximum depth of 80 feet for approximately one hour and spent a relaxing dive shaking down new equipment and marveling at not only the grandeur of the Sistema Camilo itself, but also in the performance of our new Sartek HID lighting systems. Cambrian President, Terrence Tysall related after the dive that while the team was on deco they thought of how incredibly privileged they are to be the first human beings to enter these wonders of nature. After securing today’s diving operations the team will work with the newest member on survey skills on the white sandy beaches of Akumal.

Dive Team:

George McCulley
Mark Corkery
Andy Peterson
Renee Power
Terrence Tysall

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