April 16

Terrence, Andy, Renee, Mark and George

George heading upstream dive in Sistema Camilo

{–Upstream ………….. Downstream –}

Mark is all smiles after finding promising leads

The Exploration Continues … Day 3

April 16th, 2001
On today’s portion of the expedition, we broke the group into two teams. Team 1 consisted of Terrence, Andy and Renee who went upstream to check out passage possibilities. They ventured up into Allison’s Room and marveled at the beauty. They then completed the circuit back to the main line where they proceeded to clean up some tie offs from the previous expedition.

Team 2 was composed of Mark and George. They went upstream and investigated two potential leads. One lead proved to be a tunnel that intersected a parallel tunnel after 200ft of new cave. They found themselves in a section that was previously explored in the September 2000 expedition.Due to the relatively short tunnel they elected not to place permanent line, but to leave it in the same pristine condition in which they were honored to have first explored it. Lead 2 looks like it leads into large ongoing passage. Our intrepid explorers will pursue further information tomorrow.

Upon returning to Villa’s De Rosa we enjoyed lunch and then began preparing for the next diving day. George rigged up the 17 stage bottles, needed for tomorrow’s more extensive operations. Meanwhile Mark turned to and worked on today’s update for all of you back home. Terrence and Renee prepared Andy to begin his all important days as a explorer, and taught him the basics of underwater cave survey, which will be necessary for the days ahead. After 2 days of tune up dives the team is ready to push some cave!

Dive Team:

George McCulley
Mark Corkery
Andy Peterson
Renee Power
Terrence Tysall

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