April 29

Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

Practice with mapping and trilateration

Project Participants and Sponsors

Dive Rite Manufacturing
Sartek Industries
Ocean Odyssey Dive Center
Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse
Spruce Creek Scuba
Sea Dog Diver (Sea Dog Dive Shop)

DAY 1: Arrival and Setup

Monday, April 29, 2002
Yesterday afternoon the dive team began to assemble at the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse, just south of Daytona Beach, Florida. The five Pittsburghers…
-Conrad Pfeifer
-Pete Goutmann
-Kate Schmidle
-Tom “Tatonka” Killinger
-Bob “Coach” Ogoreuc
drove in after doing some tune-up dives in the Florida Springs to meet Terrence Tysall, the Dive Safety Officer, Kim Eslinger, the project Archeologist from Eastern Carolina University, and Bill Ward. Accommodations for the team have been graciously donated by the Lighthouse association in an 1800’s era converted hotel now owned by the Gamble family of Cincinnati (Proctor & Gamble). Our hostess is Ann Caneer, proprietor of the house and Executive Director of the lighthouse.

Oxygen supply cylinders, donated by Jim Golub, were checked and analyzed. Conrad hooked up the cascade hoses and leak checked the system. During a pre-project briefing, a shopping list was put together and given to several team members for the afternoon “scavenging”. While Bill Ward and Pete Goutmann were out blending tomorrow’s tanks and raiding local hardware stores, Kim and the others reviewed the finer details of triangulation and line systems for maritime archeology. Before dinner, the team got together to practice mapping techniques by mapping out the “artifacts” lying next to the sea wall during low tides. What were those bottles?

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What is trilateration?

By using pre-determined points on the baseline, the location of an object on the wreck site can be expressed by the distances using a measuring tape from that object relative to the baseline. See, and you thought you’d never use geometry again!!

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