April 30

The Dive Boat: Sea Dog Diver and Crew

Pete and Bill Preparing their Dolphin Rebreathers

Project Participants and Sponsors

Dive Rite Manufacturing
Sartek Industries
Ocean Odyssey Dive Center
Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse
Spruce Creek Scuba
Sea Dog Diver (Sea Dog Dive Shop)

DAY 2: Dive, Dive, Dive !!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2002
Today was the first day of dive operations on the Commodore. The team assembled early this morning to finish gear assembly, analyze the tanks one last time, and load the boat. The Sea Dog Diver, with Captain J.B. Pellicer and divemaster Red Sullivan, met us at the pier next to the lighthouse at 8am and we loaded our equipment. The objectives today were simple, yet critical for smooth operations the rest of the week.
  • Set baseline endpoints
  • Install baseline cable
  • Place survey tape along baseline
  • Site orientation

Pete and Bill, both on Dolphin Rebreathers, jumped in with Kim to start the baseline work. Upon reaching the bottom, the wreck was not seen, so a circle search was started. 5 minutes later, the reel was set from the anchor to the wreck. Kim pointed out where to run the line, and the baseline was
installed. Conrad, Kate, Tom (aka Tatonka), and Bob (aka Coach) soon joined the bottom divers to look over the wreck and orient themselves for the rest of the week.

After returning to the dock, unloading and debriefing, the team broke up into predetermined pairs to fill tanks and prepare dinner (the most important task of the day). While Bill, Kate and Conrad drove the tanks over to Spruce Creek Dive Center who has graciously donated the air for the fills, Pete and Tom contemplated the night’s feast. Being in Florida, fish seemed to be a good choice. After riding over 35 miles on motorcycles with the direct sun beating down their fair Yankee skin, fish was becoming questionable. Finally some scallops, clams and shrimp were found. The team was treated to a scrumptious delicacy of Seafood Alfredo over Linguine and a Caesar Salad. Everyone loved the dinner (and if they didn’t – too bad, Pete is writing this update). Tomorrow we have been promised an authentic Latin-American delicacy of Tacos.

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