May 1

Coach Ogoreuc Shows His Team Spirit

Kim at work

Tom setting his Nitek 3

Nitrox Blending with Pete and Tom

Project Participants and Sponsors

Dive Rite Manufacturing
Sartek Industries
Ocean Odyssey Dive Center
Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse
Spruce Creek Scuba
Sea Dog Diver (Sea Dog Dive Shop)

DAY 3: Divers Down

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Today was a beautiful day, crystal clear skies, relatively flat seas (2-4 feet), but a very hot 95 degrees. Everyone awoke well rested and ready to go! We got all of our equipment together, and after a brief walk-through of the day’s dive we headed to the pier to meet the Sea Dog Diver. After the 45 minute boat ride to the site, we suited up and all jumped in together. Today’s objectives…
  • Finish securing baseline and tape
  • Set crosslines using trilateration from baseline every 10 feet
  • Install rebar
  • Attach line from rebar to baseline to make grid squares

In our 50 minutes of dive time, the group accomplished more than planned. Everyone felt they had a very productive dive. Terrence, the Dive Supervisor/Dive Safety Officer, stayed up on the boat to act as the group leader, oversee and help with with everything. This included holding a flag Bob brought from home, where he is an aquatics director, assistant professor and swim coach.

Kim Eslinger is acting Principal Investigator or Archaeologist for the Commodore Project. The Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse has claimed admiralty to the wreck and is trying to add it to the National Historic Landmark registrar. With Kim’s help we will have a map of the site suitable for this application. Here she is planning some numbers and measurements needed for the upcoming dive.

Tom (Tatonka), a new addition the Cambrian Foundation Dive Team, is shown here setting his computer for the dive. Today’s dive was a no-decompression dive made on EANx 40 with a planned bottom time of 50 minutes. We had about 45 of visibility.

Again we went to refill the tanks once we got back to shore, and practiced a dry-run of tomorrow’s dive. Note: The tacos were wonderful…
P.S. All the Pittsburghers say, “See yinz guys tomarrow, en’nat!”

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Can you see the lighthouse from the site?

Yes, we can. Just as Stephen Crane wrote in his short story “The Open Boat”

cu_20020501b.jpgKim at work

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