May 4

Pete & Bob


Conrad in Doubles; Pete in Rebreather

Weekend Update

Saturday, May 4, 2002
Even though we are not diving this weekend, we still wanted to keep you updated of all that is happening around here. As you may know, we are going through a heat wave, and three of the Pittsburgh bunch are heading back up into the colder north. Conrad, Pete, and Bob are taking the Ocean Odyssey truck with the motorcycles and going home. They did a wonderful job and will be missed this next week. Tom and Kate are staying for a bit longer to get
some more dives in. Kim drove to St. Petersburg today for a conference and will be back tomorrow to do some more planning for next weeks dives. Terrence is hard at work selling t-shirts over at the lighthouse to help cover some of the diver’s costs.

We have a new bunch coming in for this weeks dives. Jim Golub, who kindly donated all of those green oxygen bottles, is traveling from Cleveland (the Pittsburgh group won’t hold that against him) to also dive with a rebreather. Rick Allen will be coming to film the wreck with his underwater camera. Many of you were asking to see u/w pictures, but unfortunately we will not be able to post those pictures on the website for you. (no digital camera and housing available.) I guess we will all have to wait a little bit longer.

More exciting news of the project…we will have 10 students from the Fuqua Schools of Farmville, VA traveling down to join us on this week of the expedition. Amy Giannotti is bringing the group of 10th and 11th graders who will be helping us on the dive boat, assisting Kim with mapping projects, and learning about ecosystems at the brand new Volusia County Marine Science Center. It is the first time students will be helping a Cambrian Foundation Project in this way and we are very excited to have them.

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Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

Over the week, we have tried to answer many of your questions within the text. Tomorrow we will have a question and answer session, and address all the information you have been wondering about.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them today! so we can post and answer them asap.

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