May 5

Tom explaining O2 calculations to Fuquaites

“Diving” down to the wreck site

Setting the Baseline

Welcome Week Two-ers

Sunday, May 5, 2002
Today we welcomed Rick Allen the videographer for the project. There is a correction from yesterday, as long as Kate can figure out the computer software programs, we will have underwater pictures! YEA!!! (but Kate’s not promising anything) The Fuqua School group met us bright and early this morning and we took them on a tour of the lighthouse and surrounding grounds. They spent most of the morning learning from Terrence and Tom about the basic fundamentals of diving, the Cambrian Foundation, gas mixing 101 and ppO2. (or as Tatonka would say “ppO2, ppO2”)

After lunch at the lighthouse restaurant, with interesting colored lemonade might I add, the Fuquaites were briefed on the basics of maritime archaeology by Kim. Soon they were out participating in a simulated wreck survey/mapping. They were imitating our 60 minutes no-deco dives on the Commodore. They accomplished setting a mooring line, setting the baseline, trilatering 6 crosslines, and all returned to the “surface” safely following the dive plan. By the way, did I mention they had to communicate ALL the data and dive logistics WITHOUT talking!!!

Jim Golub arrived in the afternoon, just in time to catch all the activity in the lighthouse’s courtyard. He said he was quite impressed by the students’ “diving abilities”. And it definitely caught the attention of all the tourists in and around the lighthouse. Tomorrow they will finish the crosslines and start mapping on their wreck, while we will continue to map and now videotape the Commodore at the same time.

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