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DAY 6: Back out to Sea

Monday, May 6, 2002
Today, Kim and Tom went down to continue mapping the site after fixing broken crosslines, while Rick went on a little swim to video the artifacts. Tom started mapping grid #9 (40-50’starboard) and Kim was working in grid #8 (40-50′ port) with about less than 1 knot current, visibility 35-40′ and water temperature around 74 degrees.

Becky, Cori and Stacey helped Terrence as Dive Supervisor for this morning on the boat. Mrs. G and her mom, Linda, joined in the very “rocky” festivities. The gentlemen of the group were continuing their “dive” at the lighthouse grounds in real time.

Here’s what the girls had to say, “The weather was cloudy before we left the dock at 8:30 in the morning. Everyone helped unload the equipment onto the boat (Sea Dog Diver). We joined the dive crew out on the boat along with Mrs. G and her mother. Out on the ocean today the waves were really rough. Cori, Stacey and Mrs. G’s mom got sick, and Stacey was the worst. They all had a great time, learned new things and helped with the divers’ activities. A pod of dolphins appeared when we stopped at the site. Even though the weather was cloudy and the waves were rough, the divers did what they needed to do considering the fact that two divers aborted. Over all, the trip was a great success.”

Josh S. commented on the whole process, “There are three teams involved with the mock dive mapping a simulated shipwreck (the S. S. Kiabab) on the lawn of the lighthouse grounds. The members of Bravo team are Josh S., Jeremy, Woody and Brian. Delta team is Josh O., Boz, and Chadd. The ladies’ team is Cori, Becky, and Stacey. Today the Bravo and Delta teams went to the simulated dive site (the lighthouse courtyard) and finished almost all of the gridlines and rechecked all the other grids. They also took note of some biology growing or moving through the area. They spent a total of 52 minutes on the bottom and got a lot of work done while they were down there. They all had loads of “silent” fun and felt that it was a very successful day.”

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