May 10

Bill Ward

Kim Eslinger & Rick Allen


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Volusia County Marine Science Center

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Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse
Volusia County Marine Science Center
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DAY 10: Final Day

Friday, May 10, 2002
Today was the last day of diving. The team finished mapping two grids and cleaned up the baseline and crosslines. The Commodore Project was a complete success due to all of the team members involved. The Cambrian Foundation would like to take this time to thank all those who worked so hard and gave so much time and money to pull this off.

First, we would like to thank Terrence Tysall for all his hard work and dedication to this project. He spent over two years getting this project up and running and this week he finally had the chance to dive the wreck for the first time.

Thank you to Kate Schmidle for taking on the position of Project Director. Kate would like to thank Kyle Creamer for help with the website updates and Pete Goutmann for showing her how to read html.

Thank you to Bill Ward for the hard work as Assistant Project Director, the use of your boat and the huge contribution of air from Spruce Creek Scuba.

Thank you Jim Golub for making us all laugh till our sides hurt, and to Golub Mechanical Contractors for the Oxygen donation. But we have a correction to make: it was not a rabbid anglefish, but a toad-fish that bit him…he is still recovering!

Thank you to Conrad Pfeifer and Ocean Odyssey Dive Center for all the help, contributions, donations, and precious time you have spent for this project.

Thank you to Kim Eslinger for her anthropological knowledge and hard work to put this map together. Thank you to Rick Allen for all the video footage of the wreck…your work is the proof we’ve done it!

Thank you to Tom “Tatonka” Killinger. You are TATONKA and the best dive buddy anyone could ask for, need I say more??

Thank you to Pete Goutmann for your intellect, computer knowledge, and of course…SUSHI!!

Thank you to Bob Ogoreuc for all your time and energy, and that awesome grill…he comes prepared!

Thank you to JB and Rick for use of the boat, the hard work, and all pineapple we could eat.

Thank you to Red, the best dive master, for all the help with our equipment and for the many flounder dinners.

Thank you to Amy Giannotti whose enthusiasm, energy, and courage gave a wonderful opportunity to her student and made this project worthwhile. Thank you to Linda Wooddell for those wonderful hugs and smiles everyday!

Thank you to all the Fuquaites. Your very hard effort and eagerness to learn made us appreciate our work even more. Back Row: Terrence, John Boswell, Josh Seay, Tatonka, Woody Dunkum, Stacey Orange, Cori Maxey, Chadd Gable, Jeremy Wyatt, Josh Owen, Becky Gupton. Front Row: Kim, Kate, Brian Phillips, Ramona Seay.

Thank you to the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse for all the room to work and Budd Solano for coming out to sea with us.

Thank you to Jan Neal, Denise Morrissette, and Underwater Dynamics for all the donations, coverage, and support you have shown this project.

Thank you to Sheri Robbins and the Volusia County Marine Science Center for hosting the Fuqua School and teaching them about marine ecology.

Send questions or comments to the trilobite.
Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

These are some of the comments sent to me over the last few days…thank you to all who have followed us along this journey.

Hey gang! You guys are doing a wonderful thing for the kids. They will remember this for a lifetime! It is time WELL spent!!
Renee Power

Hi there,
I’m Amy G’s sister, teaching here at Fuqua. Just wanted to let you all know that you have several teachers and staff checking the website for the daily updates. They also ask me every day how the trip is going. I thought you could let the “teams” know they’re being watched 🙂 Thanks for having them there. This is such an awesome opportunity.
Jill Wooddell

Have enjoyed following your web page information and seeing all of your pictures. Didn’t like the part about working on your tans. You are supposed to be working, period. Wish we were there swimming with the manatees and you! Stay safe.
Mrs G and Mrs. Lacks

I want to thank you all again for the great time I had today. I’ll have to keep up on your other dives now that I have your web site It was great

To Amy…Mrs. G. that is…
I have enjoyed checking out your daily activities! The kids are fortunate to have this opportunity, and to have a teacher that is willing to work BEYOND the norm! Good Job Amy! Eager to see more pictures and hear more stories…
Love to you and your Mom.

Those of us here in Farmville are enjoying our virtual trip to Florida through your web site! The dive information and pictures are so interesting and of course, we feel very fortunate to follow our kids through their narratives and pictures. It is obvious that you are providing our kids with hands-on experiences that they will always treasure! Thanks so much for all of your work with them.
Cyndi Gable

Thanks for the opportunity that was afforded the students from Fuqua School. It was a great adventure that I’m sure will be remembered for their entire lives. We have enjoyed monitoring their adventures via the website. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the teens and opening up a new part of
the world to them!
Woody’s Mom,

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