March 15

Fun in the sun

The team starts to arrive

Renee analyses cylinders for tomorrows dives

We’re back!

Saturday, 15 March 2003
Today marks the beginning of the 2003 Cambrian Foundation Akumal Cave Diving expedition! Yesterday, Renee Power and her mother Thecia Taylor arrived early to enjoy a day of “fun in the sun” before getting down to expedition business (actually Renee completed the critical task of confirming landowner permission).

The remainder of the team came in today from various ports throughout the world (North Carolina, Arkansas, Florida, and Grand Cayman). As usual, the first day involves the fun (ha-ha) of going through all of the immigration and customs inspections at the Cancun airport (2.5 hours for some of the team)!

After finishing up at the airport, the team was picked up by our host (Villas DeRosa) and traveled an hour via cargo van to Akumal. Once we arrived at Villa DeRosa the team unloaded and then got together for a mission, orientation, and safety briefing which was conducted by Mike St.Germain (Cambrian Foundation Dive Safety Officer and Project Director).

After the briefings, the team got to work preparing the stage cylinders for the next day’s diving to include O2 cleaning and filling the decompression bottles. Then we began preparing the first day’s web update, getting settled in our rooms, securing transportation to the site, and held a refresher survey class on the beach.

The evening closed with the entire team sitting down to a delicious meal served by our wonderful hosts at Villas DeRosa!

This year, the Cambrian Foundation is very excited to have continued support from several of our previous sponsors Villas DeRosa, Sartek, DiveRite and the Law Office of Patrick Magill. We also welcome our newest sponsors, the (NACD) National Association of Cave Divers, the (NSS-CDS) National Speleological Society – Cave Diving Section, Atlan, Gypsy Divers, NortekUSA, Middle Creek High School and Magic Screen Graphics.

The focus of the 2003 expedition will be in the following areas:

  • Cave Exploration & Survey
  • Water Sampling
  • Hydrology
  • Biology
  • Research Activities (Project Dive Awareness & Stress Studies)
  • Educational Outreach

Expedition Team:
Andy Henderson
Nan Henderson
George McCulley
Theresa McCulley
Renee Power
Nat Robb
Michael St.Germain
Thecia Taylor

Send questions or comments to the Trilobite.

Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

Good Luck on the Expedition! Be safe and have a GREAT time!

PS.. take lots of pictures.

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