The Fun Begins

Sunrise at Bethune Beach

Terrence & Brian assist Chadd during lecture

Fuquaites learn to pack the rebreather canister

John, Amy, and Woody have some fun diving!

A little after dinner football fun on the beach

The Fun Begins

Sunday, May 4, 2003
We woke up ready to roll at 6:45, and then around 7:45 Amy and Terrence showed up for our introduction to scuba diving.

They taught us about rebreathers (closed circuit) and classic scuba (open circuit.) They taught us basics of diving and the hazards that come with it.

Then we assembled the scuba gear and packed the rebreather scrubber canister with the CO2 absorbent, and assembled the rebreather unit.

About 12:00 we went down to the Port Orange YMCA to try out scuba diving for ourselves. Chad and Brian tried out the open circuit scuba diving first, but everyone got the chance to try both if we wanted. After everyone had the chance, we passed around the scuba gear for a second chance to those who wished to try again. At 3:30 we cleaned the gear and then left the pool going back to the house for a nice nap.

After dinner Amy, Terrence, and Renee returned to the Ricci house and we played football ON THE BEACH! The teams were evenly distributed, except one person who seemed to think it a good idea to run the wrong way because the right way looked too fearsome. (No name mentioned coughcoughChaddGablecoughcough). Then there was Amy and Stacey who kept running at least 20 yards past the end zone when they heard the word ‘touchdown’ behind them…oops…they would have ended up in Daytona had we not stopped them. J The score ended up 1 to 1, and then we decided to end the game for today. Then of course it was time for the daily Internet update on the Cambrian Foundation site courtesy of Woody Dunkum and Brian Mackintosh. More tomorrow!

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