Everyone helps load gear aboard the Sea Dog Diver

Woody assists Bill Baxley of BOV Inc. with the ROV

John pilots the ROV over the SS Commodore.

Deploying the ROV on the wreck of the SS Commodore

ROV designed and built by Bill Baxley of BOV, Inc.


Wednesday, May 7, 2003
Morning came a bit earlier today. We all were up and about by 6:15 and out of the house by 7:30. Amy, Terrence, and all the Fuqua gang headed to the docks to meet the Sea Dog Diver and its captain JB.

We transferred all the gear onto the ship while Terrence searched for some other needed items (television, wiring). Bill Baxley proceeded to set up the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and check all the hook-ups. After everything checked out and was working properly, we left the dock for the site of the Commodore shipwreck.

Chadd, Stacey, Mary Brittany, and Jeremy rode up top on the flybridge of the Sea Dog Diver and learned interesting facts about navigation, ships, and other things related to ship operation. We learned about headings, GPS, navigation methods, radio operation, some history of ships, and sailors’ wives’ tales (bananas, Fridays, etc.). Twelve miles out to sea at the Commodore site, JB stopped the boat and we began our ROV operations. Bill started off guiding the ROV down and around the site, and afterwards, we each piloted the vehicle. We thoroughly enjoyed the images that were sent back up to the ship. They allowed us to see both the shipwreck and the aquatic life on the wreck. The ROV was returned to the surface and we began our return to shore. Those of us who didn’t get to ride up top on the way out did on the return trip. We unloaded the ship at the dock and returned to the house.

At 3:30, Bill Baxley, Renee, Terrence, and Amy came over to our house. We talked about emergency situations and response with Renee, Terrence, and Amy. After this talk, Bill talked about locating shipwreck sites, SONAR, GPS, ROV’s, and many more underwater aids. We learned about lost Spanish ships and the continued search for them and other underwater detection devices. After dinner, we played football on the beach with Terrence and Amy. Tonight’s game lacked the hilarious bloopers of the first football match but was still extremely fun. The scored ended up 2-1 even though the winning team had multiple injuries; and so ended another wonderful day.

Team Commodore:

  • Team A:
    • Carrie Campbell
    • Mike Campbell
    • John Boswell
    • Woody Dunkum
    • Chadd Gable
    • Becky Gupton
    • Brian Mackintosh
    • Stacey Orange
    • Josh Owen
    • Mary Brittany Townsend
    • Jeremy Wyatt

  • Team B:
    • Doug Chapman
    • Amy Giannotti
    • Renee Power
    • Terrence Tysall
    • Bill Ward

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Questions and Comments To the Trilobite

hey all! so disappointed i couldn’t make it this year! i had so much fun last year and i learned so many neat things. hope you are all working hard and not having too much fun……….heard you are working on your tans! not cool. haha. well have a wonderful time and a safe trip back!
Cori Maxey

Hi Cori – we sure do miss you this year! Hope you can join us next year. Thanks for keeping in touch!! Mrs. G.

We sure do miss you guys, but are happy to see that you are working so hard! Push ups on the beach each morning sounds good (Can’t wait to see all those bulging muscles), and lighthouse tours (all those steps), football on the beach, blue springs, clear water, seashells… Hey, this is beginning to sound like a sports camp. How come you didn’t take me?? ps. Glad you mentioned doing a little homework in there. Good PR.

F. Green

Hi Faye – thanks for keeping an eye on us! We are having a blast, but I can assure you the kids are working hard. John ‘fed the fish’ off of the boat today…a little prechewed watermelon and pineapple shall we say….but all is well and we wish you were here. Amy

Can you explain more about the ROV? Does it just go on the surface of the water, or does it go down closer to the wreckage? Does it take pictures, or does it video tape/broadcast a live picture?

Terri Wyatt

Hi Mrs. Wyatt.. Sure, the ROV is a remotely operated vehicle that can be used to view many different things in underwater environments. They are quiet and quite maneuverable which allows us to see lots of fish and collect data in some hard to reach places. This particular unit has been down to 600 feet, although we only went to 78 feet with it today. It does provide a live feed/broadcast to a monitor on the boat, and we also taped this so that the Fuquaites will be able to see this footage in several weeks.

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