Walnuts in the Field!

The Walnuts!

There was a bear…out in the woods…

Natalie reports the temperature at Witherington

Soaking the feet after a hard day of work

Penelope helps deploy the probe

The End..

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Today we were joined in the field by the Walnuts from the Walden School in Winter Park, Florida! In preparation for their field trip, the students and their teachers studied the pH and temperature of a lake near their school during the weeks prior to their field trip. Thus, they were able to easily follow along with the data collection we were performing.

Each student took turns assisting with the water quality monitoring, and they did everything from helping with the deployment of the probe to turning on the stirrer to reading the data output on the screen.

We visited four springs today: Wekiwa, Witherington, Sulphur, and Rock. Along the way we discovered a deer skeleton, fresh deer and bear tracks, lichens, fungi, ticks, mosquitoes, and crayfish burrows. We also discussed the importance of primary producers in the ecosystem, how and why photosynthesis is important, and the hydrologic cycle.

At the end of the day, we were treated to a wonderful rendition of Turn, Turn, Turn sung by the Walnuts with Ms. Molly providing the accompaniment. Thanks for joining us, ladies!

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